Version 53 Release Notes & Status Discussion

Fell free to discuss the Version 53 related new features in this topic.

Link to the Release notes:


SG needs your money badly before end of the year.


Oh good they updated the Barbarian talent once again. Maybe it’s worded in such a way it doesn’t seem as bad as it really is.

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New avatars for Santas challenge please hohoho :snowman_with_snow:


For only 4,99€ you can buy the new Santa c avatar…


:joy: kidding, right?

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Meh at the Musketeers heroes being released with that stupid Cover thing reducing so much damage. Just shaking my head at this…

… though on the other hand, the tiers I play in in this game, are unlikely to see many players with two or more Musketeer heroes, so that helps temper it somewhat. But still. SG is expecting / wanting lots of revenue from that portal for sure


Probably, maybe I gave them ideas…

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Guess you can’t name a dog “Toto” without paying someone royalties.

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Myztero is hard enough to summon on his own. It’s crap that his family bonus only works with two individuals from it.


Oof that’s a lot of new content on pretty short notice. On the other hand sounds like the new batch of HotM costumes won’t drop in this month’s Tavern?

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I have asked Petri about HoTM, S2 and S3 costumes.

This was his answer:


I’m not sure I am a fan of monetizing like everything… Vahalla, Atlantis, now even a premium rewards for Christmas? Like this is the giving season not taking season lol.

Can something just be a feature in the game? lol


War of the Three Kingdoms
January 2, 2023 6:00 PM → January 7, 2023 6:00 PM

New Journey Hero
Erlang Shen
Journey Family Bonus
Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: +50% chance to increase the duration of status effects cast by this Hero for +1/+2/+3 turns
Journey Heroes also receive Morale Boost (War of the Three Kingdoms event bonus)

As broken as W3K is… Everytime it is launched player complaints skyrocket :disappointed_relieved:.

Rather than fixing the event, they continue to release new heros…mind boggling! :exploding_head:


Warner Brothers doesn’t F around with trademarks/copyrights they own (Wizard of Oz movie). I’m sure SG’s lawyers decided it wasn’t worth the risk of litigation to keep that name.

Actually… it’s MGM. 20 characters.

Ted Turner bought the rights to all MGM movies in 1986 and those rights transferred when Turner’s company was acquired by Time Warner in 1996. MGM only owns the rights to it’s post-1986 movies, which does not include The Wizard of Oz.


Will costume bonuses be updated for S2 and S3 epic/rare?

This is the last message about that from Staff in Beta:

I think probably they will be adjusted, but we will see.


Wow, Petri answered sth, hooooray