Version 53 Prioritise Teams Bug

Good day, since the update today everytime I exit my roster to continue with some other part of the game, when I return to my roster, I find that my roster has been re-ordered.

I does not matter that I click “Prioritise Teams”. Why should I have to keep clicking the same button, if that is the standard way for me to easily access the heroes I want to level up?

I have the heroes I am working on in teams. This is why “prioritise Teams” is important to me.

This setting is sticky for me.
So if I turn it on or off, then it stays that way when I come back.

It stays that way for me too, but my heroes are all over the place and I have to click it again.

What do you mean ?

Can you show it on a screenshot ?

Thanks, apparently all o had to do was log out, and log back in.
When I saw your comment just now I went back into the game and found everything as normal…
Thanks again

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