Version 52 discussion thread

The offers last Black Friday were among the worst in the game as I recall.


Which is quite the opposite of about every other businesses in the world :person_shrugging:


But according to SGG/Zynga:

Guess it means that this Summon Gate is taller/wider than the others. :rofl:

This portal has the biggest selection, minus S1 heroes.

Doesn’t mean that the offers are the best in the game, quite the reverse actually.

But that was last year. This year’s offers may be better; probably not the regular offers that come with the portal, but there may be special “feel something” offers.

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I have $20+ USD in Google Play credit saved up, and I was thinking about going big on the Black Friday portal. If last year’s offers were that bad, where should I spend this in the lead-up to BF to maximize gems?

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Buy gem offers with greater value. At least 50% or more.

Try this USD offers thread

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As FTP, I haven’t paid much attention to offers, but I’ve been watching this thread lately because of my accumulating Google credit. It’s a great thread; kudos to you and @Sir_Crapsalot for maintaining it.

It’s a lot to catch up on. Are there any recurring offers that stand out from memory as particularly good?

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I focus on the half price gem deals. Most season offer trees have small deals like $1.99 for 400 gems, $2.99 for 600 gems, etc. There are usually at least 3 available each time. The gem counts add up pretty quickly, but it still takes time to get to the 30 pull level. Obviously, this won’t work for people wanting to hammer multiple portals every month, but I don’t have the roster space or AM’s for a ton of new 5*'s, anyway.


Credit goes to @mrchief for starting that thread. I am a contributor (part of scribe work). :joy::rofl:

Since you are a USD player, you are immune to the vagaries of currency exchange rates.

For you: the minimum “best deal” is 200 gems for US$0.99.

The best gem deal in your usd shop is 10,000 for US$99.99. 200 gems from Shop would be US$1.9998.

That standard AR offer of 200 gems for US$0.99 is essentially 50% off Shop rate.

The packs that carry a 50% discount would be :

  1. AR : 200 gems plus 25 coins. US$0.99
  2. 400 gems for US$1.99
  3. 600 gems for US$2.99

Along these lines.

You should be able to buy these from season 2-5 offers.

As for the other good deals, check out non-regular offers as they pop in. Some carry a slightly bigger discount but may come bundled with other stuff. Sieve through them and take note of the ones that you prefer.


Excellent! This is just what I was looking for. Thank you.

I hope the 200 gems + 25 coins offer is still part of Valhalla. I missed more 3s and 4s in that season than the others, including Mist, who I’d really like to have, so I’ll probably try to max that out if it’s still a thing.

I was kind of taking a look at the Heavenly Treasures offer today as well. The valuation in the deals thread makes it look like a pretty decent offer, and the EHT is appealing because I plan to do some summoning at Christmas, both to increase the Fated Summon counter and because I still think the Christmas heroes are the best of all the seasonals.

Thanks for the mention @BlackZed !

If one wants to buy solely gems, then the best place is to get them from Zynga store. Not sure if this works for international currencies.

I’ll be adding valution for the BF portal but looking at last year’s and comparing them to similar 10k-11k/$100 offers, I can say that those are pretty bad deals.

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Doesn’t work if you’re paying in Google Play credit, though! Hehe.

Thanks for starting this thread and continuing to contribute.


I like Tier 2 of Forgotten Treasures of Ice. Just have to buy 1x of Tier 1 to gain access to Tier 2. Tier 3 is okay too.

click here

This link references back to the usd offer thread.

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Oh, that does look like a good one. Thanks. Wonder when it’s expected again?

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Yeah and go figure since now gnomes have a lure ive gotten 0 such a waste of WE. The paywall has turned into the Berlin wall in stature


I have seen maybe 3, but they yielded 0 coins :slight_smile:
My record was 3 months without a single coin :smiley:

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Next month. It seems to be monthly. Has arrived for October.


Ive found 9 with no lure only 1 gave me coins.


Broke 1 flask so far.

To date 10 gnomes: No Lure

3x Coins = 30 coins (not enough yet for 1 summon)
4x emblems = 3 or 5 emblems each
2x CM = the 5x type
1x iron = 50k

I am pleasantly surprised this round. Last round was maxed at 9, with 1 flask broken.

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Same numbers for me, 1 of 9 had coins. Actually, this is my best Valhalla, 1st gnome to ever drop coins for me that I remember.

I will likely stick it out to complete S5. Barring some miracle summons, it will be a good point in time for me to retire from this game.

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