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The update thread says Legends of Kalevala date has been adjusted, what was it originally compared to now? Does anyone know what the adjustment is? More hours/days or less?

The original close date was the 17th July (UK time), so they’ve extended it by 24 hours.

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For Kalevala event, the point about Rarity Restrictions… Does that mean that we can only use up to Rare heroes for the easy stages, Epic for normal, and Legendary for advanced?

I liked the traditional seasonal events because there were no restrictions on who you can bring to any of the stages. Did they just “Challenged” this Seasonal event?

Yes and you have to complete each tier before you can move to the next



If you need to spend the equivalent money for feeding 100 starving children to summon 5 legendary Heroes from a challenge event portal in order to make the family bonus work that brilliantly… It’s medíocre to me.


I fail to see how that’s an argument comparing different family bonuses? I’m gonna guess your take is that all family bonuses are mediocre then?

How much anyone is spending on this game isn’t the gacha you think it is :wink:

Seriously… cmon now !!



I’m in the same boat with Villains. Have only one of them leveled up. Have two others buried behind more interesting :fire: heroes.

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your game not run stuck !

Have you tried rebooting your device after downloading the update ?

yes 3 times reinstalled and rebooted phone

Only for Quests ? Or entire game cannot run.

Can you access Support to send in a tix ?

i can’t access entire game

Try this link.

Can contact support there.

Be patient.

Good luck.

i sent a ticket to Sg support and nobody responded.

I have the same issue after the latest update that it stuck on the “Quests” screen.

Does anyone know what that Starter Pass is?

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