Version 48 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Mystic vision keeps freezing up the game. Is this a new addition to good ole v48?

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No. It happens to me once a week for the last month or two.

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They buffed penolite and gailard status. Aren’t that super exciting and needed? you guys complain too much :stuck_out_tongue:


You could learn some Swift code and teach them a thing or two on how to properly integrate iOS webview controller into their game. Or Java for Android. That’ll show 'em for sure!

Excuse you, animal heart kid was my absolute favorite! :joy:
… ehem, there I go dating myself :older_woman:

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@Petri something is still really unclear in this.
The first bullet point says “Stoneskin decreases by 10% at the end of the turn” but the last sentence then says “Stoneskin progress resets to 0% at the end of the turn”. Which one is correct?
Maybe both if the second sentence only applies when the Stoneskin reached its maximum but it’s not really intuitive worded that way, it should be made more explicit/clearer. And also because it works differently than the Slayer’s rage that does not reset to 0 when at it reached its maximum if I remember correctly.

I am interested in seeing what changes will be implemented to ths Sand and 3 Kingdom heroes. Also excited for the gargoyle heroes, I’m hoping to get some (or all) the 5*s.

I was thinking a legendary token would be the same as an epic topic except if would give 3 or multiple pulls at a portal (kinda like how the legendary tome of emblems gives more golden emblems compared to the epic one) but I would prefer the other suggestions where it’s a guaranteed 5* (and hopefully works in seasonal too).

I’m curious about the Play for the planets could be, hopefully we’ll hear something soon about all of this

I can’t wait to hear about this summer solstice. I don’t know if I’d want it to be another Black Friday event but I would prefer that over another portal, I feel that we are becoming saturated with too many heroes now

I can help you with that instead of Petri.
If the Stoneskin meter is at 10% ,20%, 30%, 40% then if you do not use any special skills or battle items, then it will drop with 10% at the end of the turn.

If the Stoneskin meter reaches 50%, then at the end of your turn

  • all enemies gain 5% health
  • all status ailments are cleansed from the enemies
  • Stoneskin buff activates for all enemies
  • Stoneskin meter drops to 0% (even if you use all of your battle items and special skills in that turn)

I have written a bit about this here:

Earlier the release notes contained this, which was confusing and not what we have seen in Beta so I have contacted Staff in Private Message and after they now fixed the release notes to what we see now:

I think the release notes is still not completely ok as I remember that the Stoneskin buff which is activating lasted for 1 attack for me in Beta and NOT 3 as what is mentioned in the released notes.
So I have asked them to check it and correct me or the release notes:



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Pretty anxious to see what they will change in WO3K heroes. Changes to newer heroes are obviously… Buffs.

I wonder if any of them needs any more buffing? The legendaries are too strong already. I also wonder if they’ll keep buffing event heroes every time their portals shows up. It’s kinda nuts.

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:joy: You’re hilarious. I was more curious how a programmer doesn’t understand logic or software generated RNG works. It’s just fun and games. Cheers mate!

wipes away tear Someone who gets me :two_hearts:

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OK, thank you for confirming it. So it’s working the way I understood it after thinking thoroughly about it.
I translate the release notes in French* and I translated it based on that interpretation so all good.
I actually had to redo that part of my translation since I translated it last night already and indeed, they completely changed that part of the release notes.

* been doing that since v37, I also translate balance updates, 2022 sneak peek and event cadence update. I share my translations in a few groups on Line and then they are shared further but maybe I should post them in the foreign language section of this forum too.


Propably buff their minions back to what they used to be in beta at first, if I remember right… (I don’t want that, just my guess on what the changes could be)

I won’t be surprised if they set Diaochan for fast too. Argh… Never could imagine such a depressing scenario for this game.

I really hope Zhuge Liang and Papyros get some love. They need help

Whats the solstice event?

It’s like that Black Friday Summon Extravaganza. A portal with all released heroes except for S1.

Yes, no S1 heroes.

That pool will have everyone from S2 to S5 (whoever has been released), Event heroes, Seasonal Heroes, HOTM.

If they come with costume, then player gets costume too.

Plus (highly likely) 2 new superstars : 2 Styx heroes now in beta. To entice spenders to summon more and more.

Styx event is expected to be launched in the second half of 2022, after 21 June. Probably before Morlovia (October)


Black Friday extravaganza, avoid it like the plague if you know what I mean!