Version 48 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

Update was already forced.

Maybe when Atlantis Rise comes back then?

It was not forced yet.

It will be forced once we will have “Maintence break”.
We have not seen the 30 minute warning message about it.
I am expecting this maintenance break in the next 45 minutes.

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I never got the warning message about the maintenance break for v47 though. I am not sure whether this is a reliable way to tell if an update was forced now. I had every warning message prior for each update prior to v47 though. Maybe they broke something?
EDIT: I got the warning message for v48 maintenance break 45 minutes ago. Maybe just a glitch with v47.

V48 forced. Maintenance break over.

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My Ariel now has the bonus starting at 1

Yes. My Poseidon shows that too.

Yup, family bonus just got updated on my side too. :+1:

Does anyone have an idea if drop rates for Mystic Vision were decreased? I didn’t quite see it, although sure it’s very random, when it was changed from 8hrs to 4hrs. Was there any official message from the Devs about this one?

Yes. It’s now every 2hrs. Effective about 1.75 hours ago.

After SGG forced V48.

I had it updated, yet I was at 4hrs wait time until this morning. Nonetheless, my question is if anyone ever came across mentioning drop rates for Mystic Vision with this change

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They mention that it is not changed:

As It is not tied to V48 I have created another topic to talk about this Mystic Vision duration change:


Thank you, I couldn’t quite find it with a search for some reason
The other changes don’t affect me too much as I hardly have any of the heroes that are always buffed/nerfed ))

Sand Empire is about to start next Monday, so can we expect to hear about those changes this week?

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I agree. I am expecting it to be announced within 1-2 days.


Yay, if I am not mistaken, the Sand Empire is the event I really like in terms of gameplay, with different ways the Diamonds work than normal. :partying_face: I found it fun last time :slight_smile:


Yeah, you can really abuse those lamps and such to delay the bosses’ specials for a LONG time.


Aaah, yes, that´s what they do too! So fun, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder

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Update by Staff in the release notes: