Version 48.1 Release Notes & Status


2022-05-20T07:35:00Z: This update has been now fully rolled out on both platforms. Please update your game!

Release Notes

Path of Valor Update

Jun. 6, 2022 –

  • Added a number of new daily challenges
  • Campaign duration reduced to 30 days
    • Overall volume of rewards per campaign will not change → More loot in less time!
  • (NEW) Event Challenges
    • Event Challenges can be cleared only while their corresponding event is ongoing. They have been added for the following events:
      • Alliance Quests
      • Challenge Events
      • Costume Quest
      • Legends Quest
      • Tower Events
  • Gap between Path of Valor campaigns removed
    • Uncollected rewards from the previous Path of Valor will automatically be saved and awarded to the player when they next access their Path of Valor menu
  • Replaced the bonus avatar in the Valor Pass with more Epic Hero Tokens
  • Updated & improved rewards across the board

:warning: REMINDER: All of the changes above will go live AFTER the ongoing Path of Valor concludes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a minor graphic issue with Ninja Tower
  • Fixed some background art in Season V (was fixed in Version 48.0.1)
  • Fixed sound issues with certain Special Skills (was fixed in Version 48.0.1)