Version 39 Release Notes & Status


2021-06-18T10:00:00Z: Version 39 is now fully released on Android & iOS.

Please note that while the Limit Break feature will be visible in the game for those who have updated, it is not possible to limit break any Heroes yet. We will enable the new Aether items and “Mirages of Omega” quest after we have forced the update.

Release Notes

  • Hero Limit Break added:

    • Each Hero can now be levelled up further than the current max level
    • Using the new Aether items a new max level is unlocked
    • The max level increases by five for Rare, Epic and Legendary Heroes
    • Level up costs consist of XP, Food, Iron and Ascension Items. The amounts vary for different rarities
    • Hero Limit Break unlocks on player level 10
  • Aether Items added:

    • Fire Aether I, II and III
    • Ice Aether I, II and III
    • Nature Aether I, II and III
    • Holy Aether I, II and III
    • Dark Aether I, II and III
  • New Mirages of Omega quests added:

    • Finishing the stages awards Aether Items
  • Aethers added to War Loot

  • Aethers added to Raid Tournament Loot

  • New Hero Costumes added for Yunan and Rana in the Seasonal Summon

  • Added a Bonus Draw to receive Legendary Costumes from Hero Academy if the retrained Hero has a Costume

  • Rana, Yunan and Roc added to Hero Academy

  • Other changes and fixes:

    • Starting a test on how decreasing the Raid defense team buff for high-level Raids affects the gameplay experience and defense win rates
    • Fixed an issue where Finley’s chain didn’t break if an enemy dodged due to Marjanas Special Skill
    • A small fix to Isord’s description to make it consistent
    • Fixed an issue where Alfrike did not fire all five cubes if an enemy died mid-attack
    • Fixed an issue where Finley’s chain would break on a dead enemy
    • Fixed an issue where Finley’s chain would not break on a Ghosted enemy or when Morris is hiding
    • Fixed the enemy Abyssaurus’ Special Skill description
    • Fixed a visual issue in Hero Academy where the amount you can add to another queue was not updated when removing from one queue
    • Fixed an issue where Onatel was gaining mana after being shifted to Ghost form by Lepiota
    • Fixed an issue where Raffaele’s healing chain was broken by a Hero ghosted by Lepiota
    • Fixed an issue where Vanda and Morgan Le Fay were healing from Recover Steal or Health Drain while being ghosted by Lepiota
    • Fixed a small audio issue where the quacking sound didn’t stop after all of the ducks had been shot
    • Improved descriptions for some of the Starfall Circus Heroes
    • When you edit your Raid Formation the information is immediately updated on your Alliance member info without delay
    • Fixed a rare issue where Dragurs and zombies caused freezing in the Ninja tower and Easter event when killed by poison or bombs
    • The Mythic Titan’s final global damage done will be shown in the UI after the event ends
    • Corrosive status effects do not affect stacks anymore
    • Fixed a mismatch between Province name and number for the next Province mission that will unlock
    • Fixed an issue where blind and dodge only affected the shuffle part of Akkorog’s Special Skill. Now if an enemy avoids the shuffle they will also avoid the damage
    • Fixed an issue where the dodge buff from Margaret and Jade did not avoid debuffs (even if their allies dodged).
    • Season 4 stage properties combined into a single Biome effect, no other changes made to the effects

Release Notes have been amended with the following information:

  • Rana, Yunan and Roc added to Hero Academy

As we have forced the update, these Heroes are now available in the Hero Academy along the added Bonus Draw.


As described in the Release Notes above, we have now started testing how decreasing the raid defense team buff for high-level Raids affects the gameplay experience and defense win rates. There has always been a buff for all heroes in defense teams in raids. The buff is percentage based so with hero powers growing the difference between the power of the same hero in attack and defense has become wider.

In the test, we are slightly reducing the buff for most legendary Heroes in the game. The higher stats the Hero has the larger the reduction is. Although the reduction is larger, a Hero with higher stats will remain more powerful than one with lower stats, but not as much as before. We will start with a slight reduction, keep monitoring what the effects are, and do changes until we have found a better balance that is more suitable for the game at this point of its life cycle.


We have now enabled the Hero Limit Break feature, and the first Mirages of Omega quest has started. Aether Items are also now possible to acquire from War & Raid Tournament Loot.


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