Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200]

Wanted behavior:

  1. people helping out in allaince to kill the titan upon request

Unwated side effects:
2) people clearing an unfair ammount of rare titans
3) people matching up in war that don’t stay for war

Solution to problem 2 - You can only get full loot on a rare titan if your previous rare titan was over 6 days ago.
Solution tot problem 3 - upon entry of an allaince you are automatically opt-out of war. Each time you join an allaince you must opt-in again.

Remove the new 24h rule, keep the existing 20h rule and implement above. Fixed :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation. At least it would be fair for loyal members to stick to their alliance where loyalty should be rewarded. Before this upcoming update, it appears that disloyalty are rewarded more, jumping from one alliance to another, especially those who join alliances without even asked to do so just for them to reap the benefits from rare titans.


I’m sorry, did you just compare limits within a mobile game to discrimination against race, sexuality, and gender in real life ???

Wow now I’ve seen everything.


I think this change will also hit alliance war jumpers as well. I know a number of players and even whole alliances who are jumping from one alliance to another right after the end of war. And they are present even amongst top alliances.
SG will see a lot of rants because of this. Sure, most or maybe everyone of them will officially claim another reason/s for them standing against this change.


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Cheers for the explanation. I can understand why now. but will upset alot of other players that don’t stay in alliance but hay ho they will hav to take it on the chin. on there other hand will make recruiting easier :rofl:.

sucks that I won’t be able to use my free flags tho. Hopefully there will be a solution to this down the line.

I like it, good update (following feedback from staff explaining)

Mp idea why this was flagged. Courtesy of Google translate.

Return everything as it was. This is an inconvenience. Why make such a restriction for players?

We chain 14* titans and I’ve never had a free flag since we started that…

But back in the day when we used to skip I could see the issues. I’ve never merced, I’m too lazy to be bothered so we just lost a couple of flags and that was that.

I’m not involved in recruitment but anyone that is knows it’s a pain…so maybe this helps that which fixes another issue I guess.

Trying to appease everyone usually ends up with no one appeased though…

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Dear developers, I completely disagree with the innovation regarding loot from rare titans. You write that the hiring is not in demand and the fact that many entering the titanium get on the selection in the war and do not participate. There are such moments, I do not argue, but these are isolated cases due to the negligence of one or another player. In other cases, people ask a lot for help, now you have deceived them with this help and many weak alliances will be forced to let go of a rare titan. leave everything as it was, and for new items of scales it is better to do a special quest. It would be a better solution than to kill part of the game, that is, hiring!

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As I said in my previous post, I dont merc, so this new rule doesent hurt me much (havent left my current alliance for 117 days, we are killing every titan). But, what does make me very angry is the fact that you guys (SGG) have time to develop marginal game features to (as you call it) “prevent unwanted behavior” (a.k.a. mercing), but dont have time to consider developing some very wanted and long waited QoL improvements of the game.


I’m in a alliance hitting 14* now so completely understand the top boys and top alliance’s won’t care tbh.

But will suck for merc and small /medium alliance that pop in and out and guess POV aswell.
Plus a good chunk don’t like being tied down to one. So will be interesting to see what they do as won’t be much point being a merc so there options is struggle, join, or leave completely or take it on the chin and except poor loot.

I’m a busy person so this don’t really effect me as I just stay in the alliance.

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An alliance that does not like guests looking for a rare titanium can close the alliance. If the mercenary did not help hit the titan immediately after arrival, he can return in a few hours and help finish off the titan. There is a problem with the war, but this particular solution is not the best, the mercenary can wait in the alliance until the next titan and after killing a rare titan, he can also leave leaving the flags in the war. With this decision, you impose strict limits on behavior in the game «or play in the same alliance or be left without rewards», but what about communication, socialization, mutual assistance, etc. This change is very similar to discrimination, both a small part of active players and young developing alliances and players who are just looking for a good alliance. It was already suggested above to re-register in the war when joining the alliance, this is a good decision so as not to harm the wars of other people’s alliances. Unfair amount of Rare Titan rewards, do you seriously think that 10 emblems for a rare titan are unbalancing the game? Then please offer an alternative way of developing the gameplay for novice active players, in addition to donation.


This argument from the mouth of the developers strikes me as stupid and ridiculous. Because the developers can make it so that when entering the alliance, the war flag is discarded if the player is not already assigned to the war in this alliance.


@Petri wrote:

Isn’t then the obvious solution to make all alliances invite-only?


Maybe if we repeat this enough someone out there will take a hint.

If people don’t like random drop ins, make the alliance invite only. I have seen this topic discussed hundreds of times on here. If people cannot get it by now, it is on them.


Bind one player can only fight in one alliance. And all the problems have been resolved. If a player is distributed in an alliance, then regardless of the presence of a military jackdaw, he will not be distributed to a war for another alliance


This behavior also had an adverse effect on Alliance Wars because the visiting players were included in the matchmaking but never stayed for the war.

Maybe stop matchmaking with additions that happen after the matchmaking process started? Why should someone who matched already that helps a small alliance get rematched in another war for an alliance that matches hours later?


Hallo, Peti. I don’t see any problem with that. The head of the alliance, if he does not want to be visited, can simply close the alliance by setting the login status by invitation. Why else does this function exist. This is the only and most effective way to get rid of unwanted guests. If the head of the alliance is so lazy that he cannot close the alliance, then why should all players suffer from this. Please undo the most recent changes to Titan Restrictions. Thank you. Best regards, Anna Yaroslavna.


Thank you for this explanation. Will wait on better solution to the problem of “both worlds” :+1:

Anyone seeking for a home to join must use all flags or kicked :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

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