Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200]

Any mods with some info on this to why the change

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Dear friends!
You are killing all motivation of active players to spend time and money in the game. There is no reason now to donate to get new heroes, if there will be no way to get materials for ascension faster, then if it would be staying in one alliance. I’ve spent about 5 000$ in a year in game and having 25 5* unleveled heroes. Now you are telling me, that the only way to get closer to top players and alliances is to donate in materials too. I really think that is demotivating and that i’ll never will be even close to top players. Another reason is emblems. Players, who started to play 2 or 3 years have much more of them, and now there is no way to get to their level faster. The main thing i wanted to tell is that rare titan hunters are one of the most active and ambitious players in game, and this descision is killing the most important - motivation and willing to play, develop and donate. Please find another descision. Thanks for your attention, best reguards!


return as it was! this change destroys the playstyle of a large number of players and alliances. not everyone prefers to sit in the same alliance, and there is no such requirement in the rules of the game when you start playing. The new condition forces the players to stay in a small society and limits the opportunities for socialization. it looks like slavery. Bring back freedom of movement and choice of play style. Stop slavery! players without an alliance also make purchases. players without a permanent alliance are important too!


Other Fixes and Changes:
“Rare Titan rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared”

I like some clarification about this:

Is this 24h a fixed time stamp. Meaning: if the rare spawns at 12:05 AM the game will check if I was in the alliance at 12:05 AM the previous day. Meaning I could merc in between those time slots and get full loot (provided I comply with the 20H rule)

Or is this a 24H a time window. Meaning: If I go out mercing between 12:05 AM previous day and 12:05AM rare titan spawn I’ll get reduced loot, regardless if I comply with the 20H rule?

Aditionally I am wondering why this rule was implemented. What does it do that the 20h doen’t achieve alrdy?


It will be a window I expect.

Meaning you needed to be in the alliance for 24 hours prior to the rate titan spawning.

Prior to V37, you simply had to be in the ally at the time of spawning.

At a guess, it’s SGGs latest attempt to crack down on Rare Titan Farming… :man_shrugging:

They alrdy had the 20H rule in place. So the current rules alrdy required you to be in that alliance when the previous titan was killed. Just entering before spawn time wasn’t enough for full loot alrdy.

Errrr… another negative perk for mercs.


The 20 hour rule was different. It was a timer between collecting loots.

This sounds like a flat timer before the rare titan spawned.

There was a silent nerf to rare titans even before this annoucement in that you needed to be in the alliance 12 hours prior to the rare titan spawn, in addition to the 20 hour cool down to collect loot. Myself and others have been burnt by this silent change going on merc sprees. At least now there is clarity stated in black and white that you have to be in the alliance 24 hours prior.

I haven;t observed this silent nerf. You probaly just killed the rare too early to hit the 20h rule mark (compared to last loot pickup in your own alliance). I entered my alliance 2 hours before last rare spawned. No issues, since leadership manages kill-time to secure that 20h window.

100% that was not the case. I even checked my alliance join timer to make sure that i had hit the 20h mark.


Guess there’ll be even more requests for titan help in Peer Support, Experienced and other chat rooms. :see_no_evil:


Peer support has already turned to a complete graveyard with merc request spam. Thanks SG!


Did you know there are some high level players (level 60+) who legitimately think the purpose of PS is a titan request room? :scream:

Sorry to go off topic.

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When in doubt best to file a support request to SG. They either fix your loot or sent you back the exact times they registered. Over the cource of a week we filled 10 to figure out the exact conditions for full loot.

It’s not like a titan chest that you can wait-out by being ofline untill a certain time. It’s about loot pick-up vs kill time. I can draft you a scenario where you are in an allaince 30h when picking up rare titan loot that still guartees you recuded loot.

I merc everyday 1 or 2 Times…in 3 months and for sure 30 at least rare titans between *4 and 12, I never received a 4 ascension! Normally a backpack and other ■■■■■ it’s a choice and i’m happy with IT!

Thank you for your feedback. As mentioned in the Version 37 Release Notes, Rare Titan rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared.

This change was made because some players were abusing the Rare Titan spawning logic to gain an unfair amount of Rare Titan rewards. This led to many Alliances feeling harassed by players constantly joining and leaving as they looked for Rare Titans about to spawn. This behavior also had an adverse effect on Alliance Wars because the visiting players were included in the matchmaking but never stayed for the war.

Please note that this is different from merc’ing because the Alliances were not asking for their help, and the players didn’t actually stay to help almost any of the alliances they visited.

We discussed many different options to prevent this unwanted behavior. At the time, we believed the current fix to be the best solution for the problem. That being said, we did not fully consider the effect it would have on the players who spend most of their time in a single Alliance, but periodically visit other Alliances. We appreciate your feedback regarding this topic, and will consider if we could implement a “best of both worlds” solution to the problem.


Also you want people to stay in and join alliances?
This is counter productive when a new recruit could join and a rare titan appear he’s just going to leave because you just cut his loot …
now I have to calculate when a rare is “probably coming” and try not to recruit untill it comes …

Stop trying to make everyone happy.

They can lock their alliance if they are complaining of ppl coming in and out of their alliance.

You don’t have to change everything people complain about.

Most ppl like mercs …


Wow we always just looked at the players name and made sure it hit 20 hours. They got full loot and blems and a scope! Odd.

Had to be in it 20 hours before it died we do it all the time… never had a problem. This is just stupid. If I join an alliance and a rare titan spawns I’m going to leave because I’m not going to get good loot … just dumb at least the old way I could tell everyone to not throw the death flag till so and so’s been in the alliance for 20 hours which was so doable.

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