Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200]

Thanks for the heads up.
Luckily I am far too lazy to be doing any type of out-of-alliance titan hunting for this to affect me

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I totally agree. You guys have all this time to think about and implement said changes but the quality of life changes that have been years off in the making like hero academy???I hear nothing but silence . We were promised a year ago that the duplicate hero problem and hero academy would get a revamp but we’re still waiting. You have all this time to mess around in trivial crap that doesn’t really matter but no time to fix the real problems??? You strain out the gnat to swallow a camel. Since you guys have so much spare time to screw with minor details how about getting to the big issues that we’ve been waiting on for over a year.


In my 2+ years of playing, I never considered mercing, but I recently joined an alliance that kills 14* in under 12 hours (without flasking) and I usually only get to hit one or two extra times after using my initial three flags. I would consider mercing now to use my extra titan hits to hep out other alliances that can’t kill a titan on their own. I think the initial idea was poorly thought out, but the fix might still make it worth trying out the mercing life (for titans only).

Hello! I totally support the idea to reward players for staying in alliance instead of punishing them for leaving. Usually players have 2-3 free flags to spend on side titans and get ~ 100k food/iron and some other loot for each one. So why not to add increasing daily bonus to motivate them to stay in home alliance? I think this bonus should be something like brilliant chest loot to compensate unused flags and lets say for 100 days staying in alliance, so the reward loot formula could be look like:

(typical brilliant chest loot)*ln(days in alliance + 1)/ln(100)

This formula and loot amount is discussionable. What do you think guys?

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You guys keep talking about QOL improvements…all the improvements are QOL based…lol.

To try and bolster SG’s cash flow to improve their quality of life.

Havent ppl realized that all these SG staff members really dont care about their customer base and oy themselves?

not fun…
only happen to us once…
found out someone had called for a merc.
communicate and lock the door.

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They don’t bother me… I instablock if they spam or don’t respond… but yes it did make it worse… demands a longer block list!

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