Version 37 Rare Titan Reduction Discussion & Feedback [Developer Response in Post #85 & #200]

  • Rare Titan rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared

Dear devs, it’s just outrageous!

I understand, you want to cut mercenaries’ activity.
I don’t agree with you, but I see your point and respect it.

But what about regular one-alliance players who get extra flags after home titan kill?
Should these flags just burn?? Why can’t I get out of the alliance and get some food for it?
Pls don’t tell me that it breaks game’s economy :slight_smile:

Kindly ask to callback this change.

If you want to cut mercenary activity - don’t punish all the server for it.

Best regards.

P.S. I’m NOT a mercenary.
I play in one alliance for several years, and don’t want to farm limit breakers on rare titans.
And I don’t want to get extra restrictions and to lose meat on extra titan flags.

P.P.S. Here’s how it may be implemented the right way:


you can do that. Who told you the contrary?

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No, I can’t.
Let’s see the example.

Now it’s Monday, 6 PM.
My alliance killed 7 titans and we can expect the rare one.
Titan will appear in 12 hours.
And I’ve got 2 extra titan flags.

So you want to tell me, that I can leave my alliance and spend that 2 extra titan flags?
I’d gladly be mistaken, but the description in release notes says the contrary.


@LatiyFundiy Thank you for creating this thread.

I’d like your OP but I am currently out of likes. :sweat_smile:


I support the topicstarter. please return everything as it was


I fully support it. Food in the game is constantly not enough. By collecting some food on extraneous titans, I can help not only myself, but also those alliances that can’t cope.
Developers, please cancel this innovation.


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why they keep doing that?!! seriously mercenaries is part of the game but why would you ruin the last good thing for helping each other on game? what they gain from that?!!! we need it normally as it’s i don’t see any benefits, it will only harm lots of people and alliances


Dear devs,
You obviously want to add extra valuable Limit Breakers to rare titans.
And you want to keep this part balanced - OK, that I can support.

Just execute it the different way!

Player gets full loot from the rare titan IF he got the full (not reduced) loot from the previous titan in this alliance.

It’ll keep the opportunity to drop extra flags + cut limit breakers’ farm.

But actually I’d keep everything as it was…
Mercenaries are a part of the game, and they’re not breaking game’s balance.
Not even close to donation-based advantage :wink:

@Petri , kindly ask for your attention.


Many likes to TS, words of Latiy are exactly right. This change affects players who don’t follow lifestyle of mercs, don’t hunt rare titans beyond home alliance. Please cancel this change.


And so with the awards, everything is very bad, meat and iron are constantly not enough, why did you do this? return everything back as it was! With each new version, it becomes less interesting to play !!!


I support, this is some kind of nonsense. In general, now not to leave the alliance?


You can leave from 1st for 5th titan after the rare one.


Support to TS, It will be very inconvenient
Please cancel this change


You can’t go out cause they have already given 40M food for cheap price.


Can’t argue with that, I personally bought that one ))))


I disapprove of this change.

It’s not only about mercing, and not only about helping out when the home titan is a pass.

There are players that can’t be daily active due to work schedule or vacations. I am myself could rarely log in last summer because I spent most of my time countryside where the internet was unavailable. These people don’t have other playslyle choice than mercing when they got a chance to play. (Some people suggest sitting in a dead alliance but it is brings no fun at all). These people are obviously at disadvantage compared to anyone, but please, leave them an opportunity to get at least something small occasionally.


The way how update was rolled out is disappointing. No announcement, no warning, simply cut loot
down and then announced the update. :exploding_head:


I guess I’m not understanding this since I don’t participate in mercing or using up my flags for food. But can’t people still leave for all the other titans? Just not rare ones? It’s not like rare ones are so frequent that it spoils every opportunity. Just reduces the opportunities.


The thing is - you don’t know when the rare one comes ))
Yes, you still can drop extra flags for first 5 non-rare titans.

But why should I waste my flags on 6th+ titans?


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