Version 37 info

When will we get information on what the plan is for version 37 ?

A lot of people have upgraded all the buildings so maybe new or advanced versions of existing buildings should be added.

I think you also need to put costumes and all 4* heroes in hero academy

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more advanced buildings? That maybe take more months to max? Thank you but no, thank you. After 3 years of playing I think my builder need a well deserved vacation :sweat_smile:


I agree. Buildings for what?

Advanced building for remaining mines and farms, because we have possibility to upgrade only 3 farms and 2 mines.


They can also add advanced training camp for costumes and 4 * heroes from events

Version 37 was not in Beta yet, and I dont think any new buildings were announced in 2021 Sneak peek preview.

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Yes! We need more food! Alchemy lab, Barracks, Training camp, Forge… It takes a lot of food that currently cant be produced enough in farms.


I wouldn’t mind the chance to build more advanced farms and advanced mines, but not at the expense of having to upgrade my stronghold/food storage/iron storage again.

Maxing all those buildings was a long, slow torture.


Beta testing of V37 should start soon.
We will see what will be in it.
Earlier staff indicated that they will start the Beta testing of costumes for the Summer event heroes in this March.


I have been playing the game for 2.5 years and I still haven’t upgraded all buildings. If I had to guess, maybe around 1-2% of the player base has all their buildings maxed. So I don’t think adding more buildings is the way to go forward. Alternatively, they can revamp some of the HA levels, like they previously did with AL.


I don’t expect they’ll ever change HA. Unlike AL, it’s actually used. Sure , there’s several crappy levels in it, but if we want to talk about THAT, then let’s revamp training camps first…

I could see some building upgrades in the future, but as has been pointed out, they weren’t in the sneak peek, so probably not this year.

And since it’s looking like Zynga is trying to get as much from the game in the short term, ignoring the long term… yeah. Assume what we have now is it.


They could improve the hero academy building, where duplicate or unwanted heroes would be exchanged for emblems.


That would be good, but I suspect the duplicates will be useful to further improve your already maxed heroes.
Something was mentioned about improving your heroes further in the Sneak Peek 2021 First half without any further details.

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Si no lo leĂ­ste antes pues te informo que a principios de enero Small Giant anunciĂł nuevos edificios, nuevos niveles de fortificaciĂłn para este junio de 2021, yo solo espero que se puedan entrenar tropas de 4 estrellas :blush:

I’m playing the game for 2,5 years and I have most of the building max except 2 windmill, 1 mine, hunter lodge is on 9,alchemy is only 2 so I still have plenty of time to max them down (don’t like to say UP) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. And because I have the hero academy done I stop to put any money in the game because every week I get another 5* so that’s plenty for me and recently I’m not really interested in HOTM because they are not like use to be before (real HOTM) now more or less evrething is based on minions not damage

I prefer new building with new feature instead of advanced version of existing building. Eg :

Wishing pool - Give rare 4* mats like Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactic when specified items (3 or 4* hero, battle or ascension item) are thrown in.

Roulette house - Want more food and iron ? Come in.

Temple - Temporarily increase summoning odd.

Keep daydreaming… :joy:

One S1 dupe from another S1 dupe + 300 recruits + 1.3M food + 7 days. Great deal)

I hear some guy got Mok-Arr from Ha10. In Finland we call Mok-Arr “Kylkilahna”. That translates into Rib-bream in english.

High end players would seriously be interested in upgrading buildings yet again? Please, for the love of God, don’t put higher lvl anything in there!

Think of something, anything, outside of the current very narrow scope.

I went and checked the 2021 sneak peek released in January because I didn’t remember :sweat_smile:.

The new buildings and levels you refer to are the ones released last June as a recap of the new features released in 2020.

For a moment I dreaded I had to call back my builder from vacation :rofl:.

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