Version 37 Balance Change Discussion

Due to balance, I’m really thinking about giving Horghall and or Justice the tonics / darts.

But the balance change forgot Quintus. Horghall does now 280÷ damage and attack down and Justice 285÷ and blind in comparison to Quintus with 270÷ damage and nothing else seems unbalanced.

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I agree, I was just about to write about this. No words needed, I guess :flushed:


You need to consider the huge tile damage (sword) difference too :wink:

I was thinking about that too, I’m not sure of course

I am waiting for the update before doing anything drastic. My Khagan is waiting:

He’ll be great in VF wars and tourneys, as well as in alternative raid defense.


You have him, full mats and costume. No need for update to max him :wink:

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Well, I am still slow leveling my Marj, still at 4/76. For sure, Khagan will get the rings as my other candidates are 3rd GM, 2nd Mitsuko and Reuben.

Nice one. He’ll kick ■■■ in very fast tournaments.
Balance change is already live so he’s already buffed.

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Yep. I checked again and the skills buff are indeed is really implemented. I thought it’ll get effective once the forced update is up. We’ll, still working on Marj still.

I guess we should also take into account how frail it is compared to the other two.

Just like almost all of the older heroes the poor Quintus need a buff.

Yes. I think they just forgot about Quintus. The buff of Justice and Horghall is huge (no complaints there - I take it :grinning: ). I think they are now better than Bertilla.

Hopefully the rest of the s1 heroes will be getting a small upgrade - and of course a few other candidates in the old hotm/event hero-pool.

They doesn’t only increase heroes skill damage. The also in increase boss skill damage as well.

Horghall boss in Trials of Nature skill damage in increase from 185% to 240%

I am waiting too for feedback. I have had Khagan at 3/70 for a long time as I was saving my materials for Marjana. But training camp isn’t willing to gift her to me no matter how much time I spend. I don’t have Khagan’ s costume either but got lucky with Santa Claus, so I already have one slow red full ascended.
So waiting to see if plain Khagan is worth my materials or not.
Same with Thorne.

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