Version 34 Release Notes & Status


2020-12-14T10:30:00Z We have now forced the update for Android and started the rollout for iOS.

  • added New rewards structure of Ninja Tower - players now get an extra reward as they reach certain milestones!

Release Notes

  • Mythic Titan Event added:
    • A new event where all the players battle together against a Mythic Titan.
    • You can face Mythic Titans in 3 different difficulties:
      • Cautious Battle: The Titan has -70% attack.
      • Brave Battle: The Titan has -40% attack. Heroes have +50% attack.
      • Extreme Battle: Heroes have +100% attack.
    • Mythic Aura added:
      • When battling the Mythic Titan for the first time, heroes get +20% attack and +20% mana generation.
      • From the 4th attack onwards, Heroes get Fatigued and get -10% attack and -10% mana generation. These effects will grow further on consecutive attacks.
    • Mythic Watchers added:
      • Mythic Watchers join the Mythic Titan in battle against the players.
      • Watchers reduce any damage that would be dealt to the Titan by taking a fraction of it themselves.
  • Smaller fixes and changes:
    • Fixed the trophy count discrepancy in the Alliance member list and the player profile after you have been attacked while in a raid.
    • Remove from end of queue instead of beginning of queue when canceling Alchemy Lab transmutations.
    • Legends summon now shows the four featured heroes first in the summon reel.
    • Fixed a visual bug where you could not see the level up popup when leveling up using loot tickets.
    • Alchemy Lab Transmutation queue limited to a maximum of 100 transmutations at a time to avoid memory issues.
    • Increased the amount of emblems in Goblin Chests.
    • Added a warning when players leave an alliance during war preparation. The warning shows a time by which the players need to be back in their alliance in order to participate in the current war.

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