Version 34 - Element Chest Nerf of Ascension Items

I have been tracking elemental chest loot since July 2020. I have received 9 elemental chess since Version 34 was released (12/17/2020). Either I am on an rotten streak, or the odds of good ascension items changed significantly with this release. My farmable 3* item frequency more than doubled and 4* items have become non-existent. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

Before Version 34 upgrade (before 12/17/2020) - 18 Chests
3* Farmable = 19%
3* Unfarmable = 69%
4* Ascension Items = 11%

After Version 34 Rollout (after 12/17/2020) - 9 Chests
3* Farmable = 56%
3* Unfarmable = 44%
4* Ascension Items = 0%


I don’t care what anyone says…I’ve been playing almost 3 years and the elemental chest loot has definitely dropped off the last year or so. I haven’t got a 4* unfarmable from an elemental chest in over 6 months.


Just got this yesterday. This was very lucky.


same, been playing since 2017.

i started noticing it around the first year. it was clear from the titan chest loot and i am positive the loot rates started changing since then after

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All I get is compass from any ■■■■■■■ chest

May players within my alliance faced very bad luck on elemental chests.

I guess this is yet another QoL change.

I suspect the chests have indeed been steadily nerfed as the chances of gaining 4* AM from other sources has increased (AL19, Mythic Titan etc). In past AMAs devs have talked about “the economy”, i.e., having finite amounts of these materials available.

Either way, the lack of transparency is galling. In the old days of course we didn’t have published odds for anything but that changed with portals and shop items then occasional tournament loot (rumour has it due to lootbox legal issues). It’d be nice if the odds of everything were made clear; it would promote a lot of goodwill in the community.

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed significant reductions in the amount of emblems received from Mystic Vision and regular chests, after the sudden flood that followed the announcement regarding increases in the “emblem economy” after the final Telluria rebalance. I strongly suspect the initial increases of emblems inside regular chests were quickly nerfed back or near to the original levels.

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My last EC has all farmable AMs in it and 3 regular summon tokens. Speechless.
Working on another EC right now. Will see.

I sub this. Almost all my first 4* were taken from Epic Tokens given by Titan Chest and Elemental chest.

Nowadays titan chest is just like or even worse some Raid chests and elemental is just another RNG big pile of crap. Getting one 4* material every 5 or more chests made them just another “thing” to complete and expect nothing.

I’m with you. EC and titan chests are nothing like a bad joke nowadays.

Nearly all of my loot has been reduced from what it used to be. Regular chests, titans, elemental chests, war chests…

Whereas before, my elemental chests almost always included 2-3 unfarmables plus at least one gold token… in the past 6+ months or so, it’s almost always 3 silver tokens and maybe 1 unfarmable if I’m lucky.

Of course the typical responses I get on here when I say stuff like that is that I’m “remembering wrong”, loot was always bad, people have been tracking it for a bazillion years and nothing has changed.

Okay then, thanks for gaslighting correcting me again, forum.


I would tend to agree as well since I have taken note more than once in the past 2 months that I seem to get no 4* AM from any chest. At this rate I will have enough mats to ascend one hero of each color per year. It that ultimately happens I will leave the game and save tons of cash!! :grin:

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