Version 31 Balance Changes (Aug 31, 2020) -- General Discussion etc

Hi All;

Master thread of sorts for discussing the (now live) balance changes to a variety of heroes, including most notably Vela.

Things to discuss:

  • Is it a “buff” or a “nerf”; and why

  • Are the “buffs” enough to make you consider using or ascending the heroes?

  • Are the “nerfs” sufficient to make you consider “ditching” or “dumping” the hero/s?

  • What do you think about the additional information provided by SG w.r.t the reasoning & rational behind why they are making the balance changes?

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That means:

  1. Keep things civil
  2. keep things ON TOPIC
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Balance Changes:


  • Direct Damage decreased from 150% to 130%.
  • Deals extra damage against Fire removed.
  • All Fire enemies get -34% attack for 4 turns changed to All enemies get -34% attack for 3 turns.
  • Water damage duration decreased from 4 turns to 3 turns,
  • Damage per turn stays the same.


  • Direct Damage increased from 170% to 220%.
  • Increased damage per dead enemy decreased from 70% to 50%.


  • Direct Damage done at the end of each turn when Baldur has boosted health increased from 110% to 150%.

AOE3 Heroes - Norns, the Hatter, Sargasso, Khagan

  • Norns: Direct Damage increased from 265% to 280%.
  • The Hatter: Direct Damage increased from 370% to 400%.
  • Sargasso: Direct Damage increased from 355% to 385%.
  • Khagan: Direct Damage increased from 320% to 360%.

Other Changes:

  • Additional damage in Guardian Gazelle, Hansel, Gretel, Pixie, Gullinbursti and An-Windr’s specials is now displayed as the exact amount of damage being dealt
    • For specifics about the “exact amount of damage” being dealt, Go here where I set it all out in the #beta-beat thread — Here

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