Version 30 Announcement Discussion

Awn… I hate to wait… :worried:

Just wanted to have a laugh at this - cause you said the Halloween event is being reVAMPed. :joy:

I guess none of this is the end of the world, we’ve already had that over the last six months in the real world

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It has been “free” for me since I started. That’s why I was confused. Thank you for the info.

Be Patient We Are Working Hard on Fixing It ,SG Style ,2 years of waiting no changes at all but same time they are so fast on giving us new Trash lol


Its been 4 days since rollout yet the update have not been implemented? Why is it taking so long?

Petri mentioned on another thread it would be Monday


The conversation is funny…

Crappy :joy:


Is there an information about resources required for SH 25?

Good question. Maybe they are still waiting until someone realizes how unfair the rollout is in terms of Alkashard production and starts an according complaint thread. :thinking:
Those waiting with the update to the last moment or coincidentally having the ‘right’ device can use the AL up to a week longer and produce numerable Alkashards ahead of those that sit with the updated AL under maintenance. Hey SG, do you think this is fair? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

SG can have V29 back when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Or on Monday when they force update me.


Yes, here it is:


Thanx! When can we expect SH 25 to be live?



Looks like I’ll be playing a lot less now, my work pattern is Wed-Sat with 10 hour shift starting at 07:45 UK, i.e. 15 minutes before the start time of most things. (Pain for PoV daily challenges.)

I’ve already given up on the Costume Chamber due to the ridiculous number of duplicates, the much anticipated Tavern of Legends has proved a huge disappointment (I can get equivalent from the FREE daily summons - Gunnar from ToL / Oberon from FREE summons !!) and now Atlantis is pretty much screwed for me.

Ok I did the update 2 days ago but SH25 still is not available or hero academy. Per system version

[… Account number removed…]

30.0.0 build 1283

Been written multiple times before: the update most likely will be forced next Monday. :wink:


Isn’t it a bad thing to share your account number? Seems prone to being heisted by a shady character or something…

Exactly–building conversion without a builder would be a HUGE QoL improvement.

I pay for VIP and then all during PoV I end up leaving one builder idle for large chunks of it just in case I have to convert back to a Forge 20 to make something for a Daily Challenge.

Choose different building to convert.

Currently I use AL on 1 forge, Barracks on 1 forge, HL on 1 forge. That way I have 1 forge remaining.

I am planning to convert 1 TC to HA. TC20 will be obsolete once HA10 running anyway.

I am still wondering why so many players having problems with the forges and their conversion. As there is a way to store food in training camps, i see no need to have the barracks running all the time. I only convert them once or twice a month, feed some troops and reconvert to the forge.
By the way, who needs HL every day? Same thing: craft the harpoons needed for a week or two and convert it back to the forge.


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