Version 30.0.3 Update today 8-10-2020

Not much was said about the update released today

Any clues

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Just checked my Google Play account. It says I have updated the game last 07 August. It also states the following:

- New Stronghold Level is here - enhance your Empire with Hero Academy!
- Updated Alchemy Lab is here - transmute your items with exciting new recipes!
- Updated Empire of Sand Event is here - prepare for new challenges in late June!
- Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

I guess I can chalk it out to the Various bug fixes and smaller improvements. Other than that, I don’t see any obvious changes or fixes. I still have the bugged Mystic Vision.

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Event-Start and Duration Changes.

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Not sure what they directly changed…

But if history has taught us anything with every update then indirect changes will include:

-increased wu kong miss rate
-worse loot
-worse boards
-worse summoning odds
-tinfoil hat population increase of at least 200


Hope they fixed the sound , sounds doesn’t play at times when using diamonds and some specials since the previous update


They likely made Onyxia deep breath more… wait, wrong game.


I have seen complaints about the sounds

Though not a bug I’d notice myself cause i never play with the sound on unless I’m recording and don’t want to provide commentary or explicit music that would be frowned upon by some


Any idea if this update will already have added the new S3 heroes like Thor? Probably not as not mentioned… I’m wondering if they’ll already be available next Valhalla.

say “new and exciting features” one more time mf @EmpiresPuzzles


+1 for the sounds messed up. As little of a thing as it is, it feels really odd with special attacks and diamond sounds missing.



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This game has sounds? Music? This thing went on mute for me about 30 seconds into starting this game and has stayed there ever since.


Same here. I don’t remember how music is, but sounds are so awful and generic IMO.

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Great that Valhalla and Legends have been extended. Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to game! Also a good sign we’ll be getting some new events happening soon, find myself hanging out for these lately.

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Best. Update. Ever.



God, I love that scene! One of my all time favorites! Brilliant director, brilliant acting, brilliant movie!

I re-raise my triple 4* ascension material compensation and add a free HotM of your choice :face_with_monocle:

If I had posted this I would’ve been flagged in 10 minutes, and probably told to edit or remove it


(No hard feelings though @Elpis)