Version 29 Release - Stronghold 24 (SH24) - Staggered Upgrade Roll Out [MASTER]

Was surprised by update and SH24 upgrade in the morning, but quickly forgot about it since I didn’t have iron to upgrade. Ended up starting upgrade next day. I don’t really see advantage of those who started 24 hrs before me :man_shrugging: …nor with starting earlier over those who don’t have it yet.

The whole thing is gonna take months and so much iron to go from SH24 to maxed iron storage + food storage. I doubt I’ll be able to use hero academy (meaningfully) before August.

I’m not a machine and life’s imperfect and I might even end up splitting iron along w/ upgrades, so trust me when I say this that you can even surpass me on those upgrades.

Still no updates available.

Anyone else still waiting? I wasn’t really concerned but it’s been a while now. I’m the only one in my alliance without the update.

I’m on android (s7) in the USA.

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I have iOS no update for me, I live in Canada

Android, East Coast USA, no update yet :frowning:

I am so sorry for you! Couldn’t find the right words to explain my feelings about being able to upgrade my stronghold to the next level. That’s so exciting, just like Christmas, birthday and a Hugh win in a lottery on the same day!

To know that there are a few people of there who will have to wait some more days makes it even more exciting.

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That’s just tight lol.
I couldn’t update either and ranted at my lucky alliance colleagues who could do it a couple of days ago.
So just went in the App Store today found E&P v29 and updated the game from there.
Now have a long exciting wait for SH24

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Check, check…just got it in Google Play…whoooooooooohooooooooo!

Austria, Android, still no update

Most of my ally mates (mostly Germans, both Android and Apple) already got the update two days ago…

EDIT: Now it’s there. Can immediately build SH24 and my builders can get back to work :blush:

I got tired of waiting and just downloaded a v29 APK. Fixed it right up.

This while situation is pretty lame though for a big game developer. While there is basically no competitive advantage it still rubs people the wrong way.

It may rub some very small percentage of people the wrong way. I have SH23, the storage, and the iron and I… don’t care.

I’ll upgrade it when I get the update, but I’m in no hurry.

I was scrambling more to use dupe costumes before the update (done on both accounts), because that was actually impactful.

Upgrade available? Check
Storage high enough? Check
Enough iron? Check

Upgrading now? Nope

SH 25 isn’t coming out in the next month, so I’m not really in a hurry to get to 24. As a matter of fact, if HA looks awful in Beta, I may never upgrade.

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I’m at 9D18H left, killed a few titans to get the iron so I’m probably 1-2 hours behind the first upgraders, ho hum. I just wanted to get it out of the way.

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I have difficulties to raise the fortification, while other players can raise it to level 24, I still maintain it at level 23 … can someone explain why?

Have you gotten the last update, version 29?


V 28.1… how can i change the version

You’ll have to wait until the new update is available for you. It takes some time to be available for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What’s wrong with all 112 of you people going on about this topic? Honestly, I’m shocked no one created a “ buff sh24 update poll”. If we can get the “ nerfers” on board … we will soon have 40000 replies.

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Dude where do you get off snivelling about your “hold” level restrictions? All the ■■■■ going down on the planet and you just “empty” on society because of your poor phone purchase selection. You for real? By the way, my Sh is all ready at 24 ( I’m a beta tester- just one of the little perks).

Lol. Congratulations for adding to the tally :rofl: