Version 29 Release - Stronghold 24 (SH24) - Staggered Upgrade Roll Out [MASTER]

Could somebody tell me why stronghold is avaiable for android users ? iOS still don`t have update
This is strongly unfair for iOS players


Where’s the big advantage in getting sh24 sooner?


Dosen`t matter, it is not fair to other players, end of story. Still is advantage

An advantage means that some has more to gain than others.
With SH24 there is nothing to win at all…
Just wait and it will be there, just make sure you have enough Iron :wink:

  1. The update rolls out gradually, so as not to overwhelm the servers. Not all Android users have it either. I don’t.

  2. There is no advantage to getting SH24 started a few hours earlier. It doesn’t make your heroes any more powerful. It doesn’t generate any extra resources. There’s literally no bonus for it. So why are you so worried about it?


You can upgrades mines, you will get advanatge . If they are giving something more that should be fair for all not just for few players. Others players have more time to upgrade all then others. If we are playing fair we are playing fair.
Normaly always they wait for update ALL then they have unlocked stronghold.
I have IOS and this is strongly unfair for me


Oh, wow, you might get an upgraded mine 6 hours later. What is that, 100K iron? Seriously, you think this is worth griping over? […]


the update is not available to everyone. Android has access to construction …
@Petri Is this fair to other players?


This should be fair for everybody like I said. Whatever you will said will not change that in this moment players are not equal.

and NO I will ‘Not shut up’. You could be nicer as I`m only reporting bug

Lol well explained!

A for effort on elaboration!

2 big :-1: :-1:


Pretty much what i thought.

Normally i agree with OP when it comes to some features and stuff

But this?

There’s just no reason to even be worried about it…


Don’t think it’s a bug as every update rolls out this way

The only times they’ve “locked” features until everyone is updated are when those features give clear advantages to others who get an early start…which doesn’t exist here…


There is no bug here…
If they would give it to all players at the same time, servers will not be able to keep up with all the simultanious downloads and crash. So if that’s what you want, all player base to wait 1 day of playing before everybody has downloaded the new game, you better open a toppic in suggestions area. But I do not think that this will get many votes.


It is not 1 hour or 6 hours, it can be 1 day… :cry: let see…

They can give update eairlier but normally they have unlock stronghold at same time
This time they are giving advanatge for some players.
and @RIgs I know your opinion but still this is not equal for all all players

For IOS probably we will get at Thrusday

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With an 11 day wait time…does it truly matter?


For me yes, for many players yes.
Please understand that some ppl can have diffrent point of view than You

While it may be unsettling I don’t think (personally) there is any “unfairness” or “advantage” gained in this.

The buildings unlocked are:

  1. Stronghold 24
  2. Advanced food storage
  3. Advanced iron storage
  4. (1) advanced farm.

Of those, the only one which may “benefit” a player is the advanced farm. None of the others impact anything beyond your base apparel.

With the advanced farm, even if we consider WORST scenario of say 3 days of “lost production”:

Farm level 20 = 5300
Advanced Farm level 10 = 8473
Difference = 3173 food / hr

That’s a total food difference of 228,456 food.

Now I’m not sure that that is a big enough difference to make an impact on… Well anything to be perfectly honest… It’s less food than what you can earn in a single Monster/ Raid chest… So…

Difference? Yes. Advantage? Not really.


Do you think that is fair that some players get construction eairlier?

This numbers
Farm level 20 = 5300
Advanced Farm level 10 = 8473
Difference = 3173 food / hr
Depends when they will give update for iOS

Small or big impact dosen`t matter. Should be same for all players

It might matter to you, but not because it gives you any advantage, just because you want it first. period.
Being able to finish upgrade your SH just a few hours earlier or later can’t be really seen as any serious advantage or disadvantage. I have android and I also am not able to update yet… not a big deal for me.


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