Version 26 update bug

I’m trying to log in to my game account. However the game is asking for an update, when I enter the Google play store there is no update. I already updated on February 2nd, however and On another Android device log in normal. I have more than 10gb of free memory, someone help me please.

The update rollouts are incremental.

If you update on one device before the update is available on the other, you’ll only be able to play on the first device until the update is available on the second.

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The second device was updated today. And the game is running on it normal. However my q has been updated the longest it is not running. I don’t understand, I’ll have to wait for the next update for me To be able to play?

My second device shows version 27.0.0, this update is not showing on my device. , the game shows to update but it is not play store

The Version 27 update rollout just started this morning, so it’s not available on all devices yet — you’ll probably have it available on the other one in the next day or so.

If you have automatic updates turned on, it’s tricky to avoid this, but if you normally manually update, then you could check next time that it’s available on each device before upgrading any of them.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any option for this update in the meantime, other than waiting for it to show up as available on your other device.

The only other thing I’ve seen people mention on Android in particular is downloading it from another store instead of the Google one, but I think that’s a fairly bad idea.

If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have the update available on my iPhone yet either.

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MT thank you my friend it already makes me more relaxed. I will wait for the update to appear on my device. I appreciate your help. Thanks


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