Version 25.1.2 released?! [Staff Response Post#9]

I think this is the first time they released an update without writing in the forum?

The game icon has changed (i dont believe we have seen this one before)

Did anyone notice any changes in the game or what has been fixed?

Am using android btw i dont have my ipad now to check if the update is released on iOS as well


Could be to fix the S-Pen and iOS chat bugs as they said the third party software people had a fix and they just needed to implement it and roll it out?


Too bad my old note stylus is broken or i could have tested it
Will have to wait for others to confirm if its been fixed

Lol, what do you think. :frowning:

20 characters of sad


Maybe new batch of costumes!?

This is the latest that I’m aware of (on iPad)

Here’s the launch page that I see (iPad)

Well the launch page is still the same for me, but the app logo changed

Sub-number versions are usually only various bug fixes, and indeed this update includes fixes to the Unity-side issues (stylus and autocorrect).


Hallelujah! I do think this warrants a post in announcements. I think it will spread in game REALLY fast though.


Consider it done. :slight_smile:


Nope. No costumes whatsoever until V26


Noticed the new app logo has Richard and Elena in what might be their future third costume…? :grin: Or maybe that is their Chameleon-flipped look lol

EDIT: heh ok I think that is just a different Christmas look for em :blush:


Athena being on the app symbol, maybe we can pull her in the HA? :joy:

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Layla’s gone. May have something to do with no more 2* tournaments (too early :thinking:?).


One possible explanation is the Layla cover was first used at a time when there were more relative beginners than vets. Layla is obviously more relatable to fresh starters

Now it’s possible there are less relative beginners or simply more vets or fans - - so they have subbed Layla for Athena (a highly coveted fan favourite)

Does this suggest that Athena and other HOTM will be consistently returning in a season 3 summon portal? Perhaps? Too much spec

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Honestly, I was one of the players who had a kind of negative review about the first costume event. What happened was I was too excited and crashed. I still did two 10 pulls. Now that I’ve checked out the costumes, I do like the costumes I got and it has revived my interest in 3*s. Hawkmoon’s costume is awesome and I really like Sonya’s…but Skittleskull looks like he belongs in a Candyland board game instead of this one🤣.

I’d also be curious why Athena features in the app logo, when relatively few people have her.
My money goes on SGG staff having seen @Razor’s vote on King and Queen … Athena won.


That was season 1, season 2 there was a different winner… TITAN MAFIA – An E&P ROYALTY Users Group