Version 23: Lost epic hero tokens with last update / number of tokens no longer shows / put the Summoning Gate number back [MASTER]

I had 3 now only one after last night’s update!!!


If you had more, you should contact the support and open a ticket.

The number has gone in this update.
Open the portal an click to open, somewhere below you will see how many tokens you have.

Yes I see them in inventory but like you said, the quantity number is gone in the summons gate part

@zephyr1 there are at least 3 threads about this ‘issue’, maybe merge them?

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For the love of all that is good and Holy and made of Zeline’s new knickers, PUT BACK THE NUMBER OF TOKENS ON THE SUMMONING GATE.


Don’t degrade the UI and force unnecessary clicks every few hours.


I was coming on to make this same request. For those who stock pile coins, the number is used to know when you have a daily summon available. I also use this as an indicator of when Atlantis rises starts as I typically have 100 tokens gained throughout the month. With the number gone, the indicator is gone. Please add that back.


Seems that after i got new update (23.0.0 build 1111) i lost my saved summons from the gate

Its not a bug… its in the release notes…
You still have your summons but its just visual change

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There is another post requesting to put it back. I used that number too.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Well that merger just buried the lead.

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Hi, as mentioned in the Version 23 Release Notes & Status, we have removed the number of available free summons from the Summon Gate label. Please note that this is only a visual change due to preparations for upcoming content. However, based on the player feedback, we are planning to bring the number back in the next update (version 24).


Thank you.

That was a surprisingly annoying change in this version, hoping v 24 comes quickly. :wink:



I cant think of any good reasons why this counter was removed. All this change does is make the user experience worse.

The vast majority of us save EHT for seasonal summons. Now I have to actually open my portal to find out when my free summons or silver tokens are available.

More clicks to find important nformation = bad.

@SG: This is a very disappointing change. Its inconvenient and serves no purpose. Please revert it back!


Here you go and it’ll come back:

Maybe a merge @zephyr1 @Rook @Kerridoc @Garanwyn ?

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I had 15 coins. Who knows if I still have they all or if some vaporized

Yep looks like they are bringing it back in v24. Perhaps next time they should ask/try it out before just going for a UI change like that.

Simply, click on the portal. You’ll see them. EHT’s number is still there:

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

And please note for @CawLeary that this will be re-added:


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