Version 23: Kageburado Can’t Dispel Inari’s Buff Even When He Hits a Target

Kageburado’s damage gets dodged after Inari’s special, but it should not - Kage can’t dispell her special, but he should.

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Devs, folks, look at this:

  1. When ascending a hero (feeding with other heroes), the position you scroll to isn’t being saved after you leave that state (window) and come back later to feed heroes again.

  2. Hero’s card reopens after you fed it and wanna quit.

  3. Kageburado’s damage gets dodged after Inari’s special, but it should not - Kage can’t dispell her special, but he should.

  4. At least visual effects of loading mana are not that smooth as before - meaning a hero gets Mana either lil bit delayed, or instantaneously.

Please, reupdate - these and possibly other bugs are annoying (people, kindly support this thread with your further bugs).

Fix it ASAP.

There’s a thread for that here:

I’m not sure I follow. The dispel itself can be dodged.

Are you saying that he’s hitting but not dispelling, or just being dodged completely?

Also, is this against Inari in particular, or just someone with her buff?

There’s a thread for that here:

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I’m saying Kageburado can’t dispell Inari’s Dodge Buff, on any hero, he just hits sometimes and causes damage - but he misses a lot, and after he misses, the text message “dodged” pops up - it is a serious bug.

Got it, so basically he never dispels no matter what, even when he isn’t dodged.

That’s worth having a thread for, I’ll rename and edit this one, since the other items are covered elsewhere.

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Why wouldn’t Inari special dodge the debuff? Seems like it works as intended.

Absolutely not as intended - Inari’s special dodges just special attacks, meaning damage caused by specials.

Kageburado dispells first, and causes damage only after that.

I think it is working as intended. By design Inari or any hero under her special can dodge an entire special altogether, doesn’t matter if it’s a debuff, DoT or Damage. Kageburado’s dispell is a part of his special so it can be dodged too along with the rest of his special. This is unlike the rogue talent which can selective dodge only direct damage, but cannot dodge other effects. :slight_smile:
Inari's special vs Kageburado's special


Where does it say that she can only dodge the damage portion? Hell, she can even dodge enemy specials that deal NO damage.

I don’t even see this as particularly unclear in the wording of her special.

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Sorry, guys, German translation of special skills sucks as usual - it says “dodges special attacks”, as opposed to “special skills” in the English version.

SG, could you please hire adequate German translators?:grinning::grinning::grinning:


As shown in her card, she and all allies has chance to dodge entire special skills (skills with damage and without damage).

As I posted previously, there is a bug in the German translation.

Although it is still interesting to know, how Kage manages to hit a hero with Inari’s Buff, leaving the buff intact.

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Is Inari able to dodge Kunchens def down, too?

Looks like that is an affirmative.

Hel dodged the defense down and shared dmg special from wilbur.


Inari and Neith are gonna be a pretty decent combo. If I pull Neith, I may max her just to pair her with Inari.

I can confirm that Inari’s buff can dodge Kunchen’s -Def… it’s a pain in the, umm, er… neck. I’m just healing up my team, and then all of a sudden, “Whoops! Way more fox minions!”…

Yes, she can Dodge anything that has any effect on your heros from a special. This is a translation error, not a function error.

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And it can be part, but not all of the special, too. For example, my Inari has dodged the damage, but not the Mana debuff, and vice versa, from Alasie.

Yes, @Aboisso27, that would be the question that stays open so far.

@Kerridoc , any thoughts on that matter?

I’m pretty sure that @Aboisso27 is right—each element of an attack is subject to dodge. I’ve never seen a single, multi-part special spawn more than one fox, though.

(BTW note that the link part of Wilbur’s special is not treated as a status ailment and so cannot be dodged.)

I’ve confirmed this today in trial of shadows. My guys dodged Domi’s debuff to the side of her damage and summoned minions. Only ever 1 minion at a time, though.

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