Version 22.1: old bugs are returned

I already wrote that after updating the game from version 20 to 21 there were a lot of bad boards and 80% of battles were lost. Then the situation was corrected. But now the same thing is repeating: after updating the game from version 22 to 22.1, there were a lot of bad boards again, and the whole alliance!

Example: once upon a time my team with side 4100+ was attacked by a player to defend 3800+, but because of the update I couldn’t take revenge on him for a long time! And so, when the game was finally updated for everyone, I tried to take revenge on him 3 times, and I lost all 3 times !!! I beat both with a one-color team, and 3 + 2, and even a multi-color team, taking the strongest of my heroes! And all 3 times in a row I lost !!!
I don’t understand the meaning of the game at all: how did the weak player manage to defeat the strong team, and I could not defeat the weak team with the strong team ??? Why, then, did I buy crystals at all, make heroes call, pumped the strongest heroes for a long time? So that I lose to weak players ??? What is this game for?

Many times already, everyone wrote about the selection of alliances, but so far nothing has been done in this direction to correct the situation. In our alliance, now 13 of 27 players with a defense strength of 4000+ are selected for us by alliances in which 19-23 players can have a defense of 4000+, and once we all picked up an alliance in which 26 out of 27 people had 4000+ defense !! !!! So I want to ask the developers: did you try to fight against such weak defense alliances?

Not only do the alliances pick us stronger than us, but also during the war, almost all the top players of our alliance after update 22.1 have bad boards, they practically do not give the necessary crystals. They give it more precisely, but precisely at those moments when the battle is already almost lost and they are not needed! As a result, they gain a pathetic 150-200 points. Is funny

Another bug in the alliance wars, which has not yet been resolved: the situation is that they give less points for strong opponent teams than for weak teams of our players !!! For example, an opponent gets 60 points for our player with a defense power of 3800+, but our players get the same 60 points for an opponent team with a force of 4100 + !!! It turns out that the opponent’s alliance is 1.5 times stronger than ours, but the opponent spends weaker teams to earn 60 points, and we have to take our strongest heroes to earn the same 60 points! Our situation is further aggravated by the fact that the game gives bad boards to almost all top players, and the tactics of the game with a one-color team or 3 + 2 after the update does not work well !!! You can write that this is not a bug at all, that it is so conceived, but I will say this: this is a flaw that needs to be fixed !!! And do not give me evidence that you are doing well! If you are doing well, this does not mean that others are doing well either! I give you statistics not of one person, but of the alliance!

There is one way to fix this bug: pick up alliances with approximately equal strength. This means that if the opponent’s alliance has more strong players than ours, then it must have more weak players who have less defense team strength than the team of our weakest player! And in order to do this, it is necessary to make the analysis of the top 30 heroes and top 5 units of each player in the alliance correct, and make sure that the war score only changes if players come or go, and when players have stronger heroes and detachments. And when the score increases or decreases after winning or losing - this is a very bad idea, allowing many alliances to play dishonestly! I even set up an experiment: when our alliance had a war score of approximately 66,000, I created a new alliance, and all the players, except the weakest, switched to it. And a miracle: the expense of the war became 47000, and we began to select alliances weaker than us !!! But we are not interested in “beating babies”, we are also not interested in fighting with the strong, because the result is known in advance! We are interested in fighting with equivalent alliances!
Therefore, the selection of alliances and the distribution of points for teams is a bug that has not been fixed for 1.5 years now!

A tournament is an incomprehensible innovation! I do not understand how players manage to take first places? For example, for all 4 days of the tournament I did not lose a single battle, but they never attacked me! As a result, I entered the top 5%! But what then needs to be done to enter the top 1% or take 1st place? If in the raids the number of cups somehow depends on me, then in the tournament nothing depends on me at all? Why then did it?

I hope that the developers read this forum and eliminate the bugs listed above for the next version!

That is a lot of writing to complain about streaky RNG and questionable skill.


Firstly, updates will not affect RNG of a board. RNG effects everyone the same, bad boards will come and go, part of the game that will not change.

Tournaments yes ok, this is still a fairly new addition to the game itself and a work in progress. It does rely on somewhat luck to get attacked and win those attacks to get your defensive score to A, B etc.

It is common however that a team with less power can beat a higher powered team. A combination of strategy, team synergy and luck play factor here.


you are right, Linuxoid!
the game is against you! you get the bad boards, all your alliance members get bad boards. I wonder what do you think happens to your opponents? Oh yeah, they get excellent boards! that is why weaker teams beat you in raids, and you cant win a revenge with your stronger team. that is why you lose in wars!
SG has picked you out of all the players, and by association your alliance, and give you exclusively bad boards. I wonder why?

no it does not! apparently, if you suck at raiding, it is RNG’s fault! ask Linuxoid :wink:

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hahahaha my bad ! !! !

“Why” is already a question for the developers! I’m not interested in what kind of boards our opponents get, I’m interested in correcting the selection of alliances for the war!

Halifax! Mastery is when the result depends only on you! I wonder when they will give you such a board as in the screenshot, can you win with your “Mastery”?

Come on guys the op is upset enough. Let me try my luck here
1st @TofuTurkey “Firstly, updates will not affect RNG of a board.” Is WRONG they CAN change the odds. BUT MORE THAN LIKELY DID NOT.
2nd @baga “you are right, Linuxoid!
the game is against you! you get the bad boards.” That is also WRONG. Not happening.
3rd @baga “no it does not! apparently, if you suck at raiding, it is RNG’s fault! ask Linuxoid :wink:” Again POSSIBLY WRONG. Who knows??
And the FINAL 100% TRUE answer to the OP’s problem is this>> @Linuxoid it is VERY unlikely that the devs has changed the odds in the boards at all. It is MOST likely just a BAD stream of luck you are having. We have ALL had the same luck come and go, as you will. I am sorry for the bad luck but it WILL turn around. When you are farming is the BEST time to practice different strategies and tactics. GOOD LUCK to you and just keep on pluging.

That’s weird - I’m still kicking ■■■ and taking names since that update. Boards feel the same to me. Get some good ones, get some average ones, get some bad ones. No better or worse than before, though.

I went 20-5 in the recent 3* raid tournament, with 7-3 defense, and was Top 1%. I don’t even have a single emblem spent on a 3*.

But you’re right, it’s probably the boards that are to blame. :wink:

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The risk you take running mono so don’t blame the game on that. Also, having little to no tiles in your favour does not mean the battle is over, set up some diamonds and hope for the best to clear the trash.

Also make sure you complain again when you run blue mono and get a blue diamond straight off the bat.

I suppose my point was an update does not necessarily mean that the boards will be worse and RNG effects everyone the same as in hey if the boards are effected then we are all in the same boat, not just particular players. I could have initially worded it better :wink:

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Do you read what I write? For you, I will repeat once again what I wrote in the first message:
And so, when the game was finally updated for everyone, I tried to take revenge on him 3 times, and lost all 3 times! I beat both the one-color team, and 3 + 2, and even the multi-color team, taking the strongest of my heroes! And I lost all 3 times in a row!

This screenshot is one example! I know perfectly well that playing with a one-color team is risky, I also use 3 + 2 tactics, but it also works poorly after an update!
And to fight with a multi-colored team, when in the center there are such “tanks” as Gravedigger, Kunhen, Aegir, etc. just unrealistic, this is an initial loss, regardless of the strength of your team!

Had it been me going up against this team I would have used a green- yellow stack so I would have done just fine. You decided to use all blues which is always a risk


But what we are saying is it is VERY unlikely they did change it, if they did it would affect us all. Count main and alt I fought 12 war flags last 2 days and lost ZERO of them

You’ve already made some moves on that board and cleared 6 blue tiles. Can’t blame the game for giving you 1 less than average if they were on the starting board. Slightly bad luck on new tiles though. But one move will clear 10 tiles and give 9 new chances for some blue gems (1 green dragon taking up a spot).

You are NOW getting great advice listen and try new tactics…I use a 5 color stack and I would have brought green or yellow(Kunchin) to that party

lol yes I read what you wrote and no I do not need to read it again ! :slight_smile:
Sounds like you are just frustrated with the game and somewhat taking it personally. Shrug it off, end of the day its a game.

I do however agree slightly on the critique against tournaments. The points given are sadly based on how strong teams you have. What you face has no bearing at all on the points. So there’s a double advantage to having put emblems on your heroes. More points for wins and easier to win since your heroes are stronger.

The defense works in a way though. The really strong teams won’t see the unemblemed teams so still have a decent chance to get an A score in defense. It requires more luck though. The ones chosen as top defenses may have 60 defenses logged so the rank given will be quite fair. Someone with no emblems may get attacked 8 times. There’s a major points difference in going 5-3 or 3-5. Especially if your first day ended with 1-0 or 0-1.

Why would you bring mono blue team against Kiril tank? Your opponent’s red is not even in flank position. You don’t even bring dispeller to dispel Kiril’s buff.

That is questionable team selection.

Combine it with healing aid and 2 healers in the middle, your team is already set to fail from the beginning.

It would have been a good boards if you had stack green as it should have been against blue tank.

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