Version 19 Release Notes


Status (Friday, 8 Feb, 09:00 UTC): We have now released the update for both iOS and Android. Please update your game!

  • Content for new Challenge Event added.

    • Prepare to solve the Riddles of Wonderland in February!
  • Friend Invites added:

    • Invite your friends to play and receive amazing rewards! Please note: This feature will be enabled once all players have the new version available
    • This feature is still in ‘beta’. Due to the nature of the feature, it needs to be tested in a real environment. Thank you for your patience and please feel free to give us feedback and report any issues you might be experiencing
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:

    • Increase to Class Emblem drop rates in War Chest, Elemental Chests, Titan Chest and Rare Titan Loot
    • Changes to Hero Class Tutorial
    • Added Class Emblems to Challenge Event Completion Rewards
    • Fixed a bug where Ameonna was taking reflect damage in Ghost form when using a normal attack on an enemy with a Dark Elemental Barrier

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