Version 18 Special Skill progress

I’ve levelled to the max 2 of heroes and I’ve noticed the Power and Special skills have not. I know I have to continue feeding my heroes to reach the max but there is no indicator or any progress line to show me how much I need to “feed” my heroes.
Is there a way I can see how much more I need to level up my heroes to reach the max?

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Feed more heroes of the same color. Each 1* will add 10% chance of leveling and each 2* will add 20%. A copy will add 100%

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It’s a percentage chance for the special to rise in level. When you start adding heroes to feed, it shows the chance.
The positive with v18 is that if you have otherwise maxed your hero in tirrs and levels, the chance to raise the special becomes 5× higher than before, so 10 1* feeders, or 5 2* feeders gives a guaranteed increase.


Thank you! Now I understand better!

Happy gaming.


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