Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

I hope you are wrong, I am f2p so I dont have too much options and I have richard He will probably get my tokens. The other option would be to get and ascend a justice, whom I am not a fan. But right now Vivica is my tank.

Hi @Buryyourdead

Gryphonknight sometimes speaks in cipher but I think he was saying that if you enhance your heroes you are more likely to win at war and more likely to complete quests, so there is a payoff to doing this right.

For me, the difference in loot between war victory and defeat is small other than war chests. However, doing the last stage of a quest can get you a substantial number of emblems so you want to do those if at all possible.

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Your post (image from beta) will soon be hit by a golf course flag :rofl::rofl:

Note : not allowed to post beta photos :grin:

I’m not going to flag those pics because they could be from production. It’s all released material.

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Ok, yeah after re reading it was starting to make sense. Yeah filling those chests quicker is nice. So the quests will be presumably as difficult or more so then rare quests with limitations on certain classes. And the value of the final stages is worth whatever mats you consume in items. Time stops etc. Also worth the 75 gem revive if it’s close.

Finally found a list of what heroes in what class. My vivica is a cleric but I have not found thier passive ability yet, and if you get it full when you start talents or if it scales up each talent point. I’ve seen the revive chance and a few others.

EDIT found clerics mana shield as well as screen shots of how quests appear. Spaced searching in player guides.

See a list of talents here:

And the hero’s classes and quests:


Ascend what you have. If you have a lot to choose from then go with my advice. Im sorry for being negative on richard. He is a beast of a tank no doubt. But if the upper 1% hit you they will kill you. If you can start macing richard now then do it without hesitation. I like him. I just worded that message wrong. Richard beyond max is a beast of beasts. Level him now and dont even have a seco d thought. Hes one of the greats beyond max


Do we have any info on the frequency with which these new quests will be running and the rate at which emblems will be dropping from other sources? If it takes 1500 emblems to max a hero, then, worst case, with 10 classes we need close to 15,000 of them to guarantee being able to get one 5 star all the way. If each quest only gives us 36, it’s going to take a long, long time.

Thank you! This is another great tool!

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I will think about it

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They already have them all labeled in the spreadsheet so everyone can see it if they just fo to the link keri put up unless they already edited it

Très sympa merci beaucoup

If I change hero in update tool - need reset all tree

Just re-checked my phone. No Update available in Playstore for E&P!?!
Nothing changes in game (no builidings to change nor fully leveled heroes to upgrade further).

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With all of my respect to @Kamikaze_Assassin and this great helpful sheet he made, I just can not pass this with out wondring, HOW would Tiburtus be a RANGER and both of Gormek and Grimm are BARBARIAN and 3 of them are doing just the same thing?
Need help to understand this point.

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It is a little unfair for those who can’t still download the update. This should have been released at the same time for all. It is not gonna be much, but nobody likes to lose chances to get emblems, and a lot of people are losing them right now.

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Did the beta provided any information about reset Token droprates?
I think without a maxed 5* the best strategy is saving emblems until a reset token drop and then work on 4*.

There was no need to apologize, You did not offend me.

Well everybody knows Guinevere is a good tank, so nothing new from there. What I think you guys are getting wrong and I didnt saw anyone talking about is that if you go certain paths, you will end up with a very different hero than others.

You could try to pump richard with more attack, since he already has lots of defence and a good health, you can try to keep him the same ratio as he is now or try to pump him with defense to be even more tanky.

Maybe the difference wont be that large and I am overthinking, but I am getting the idea that some classes would benefit more from going down a path than others.

For instance I have Vivica, she is good well around, and I prefer her with even more defense and health, than going to the path to add more attack for my tiles, that i dont think would change much.

Just uncheck the 1st box and the tree should reset.

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Thanks, did think that’s it’s too easy.
Great spreadsheet :+1:

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