Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

It was 18 emblems per class in beta. The problem is that running all levels of each Trial costs 36 WE flags. It was 8 / 12 /16 WE flags for 4 / 6 / 8 emblems IIRC.


Did it look like you could run the trial once per spawn (like a rare quest), or as many times as you had WE for (like a challenge event)?

I remember the 4-stars still falling noticeably short of 5-star hero stats even at 70+20. They are not equals IMO. It is suspiciously like the difference in stats between a maxed 4-star and a 3-70 5-star hero. You can think of them as equivalent but one is objectively better than the other. Think of it this way, the talent part of a Hero Class has some kind of TP value. A fully developed Hero Path is worth about 100 TPs regardless of which hero is improved. If some of those TPs went towards the Talent, there’s no way the remaining stat bump will be equal to the difference in stats between 4-star and 5-star heroes.

You’re also remembering the emblem costs from 2 versions of beta ago, before SG allowed 3-star and 4-stars to develop the full node path like 5-stars do. The last version of beta had the cost to max a 4-star at half that of maxing a 5-star. 750 and 1500 emblems.

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It was once per spawn, like Gather Food and Find Recruits.

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I checked the day before servers went down maxing a 4* was 500ish and maxing a 5* is 1500ish. The 329 i was talking about is just to max the talent portion. As far as I remember.

You are right about stats it was comparable like a 5* core hero it wasn’t crazy high like current hotms and that’s even when it was completely maxed.

I put a little tool together that will let you simulate upgrading a hero. I recommend saving a copy to your own Google account for full functionality.


Thanks - really helpful. :star::star::star::star::star:

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Thank you @Epigenetic

I’m a little confused at what @Gryphonknight referenced. Is it suggesting that using heroes with improved talents increases loot? Not ascension rolls but more gems? Like split emblems through war defense and increase loot tickets gems and Atlantis coins?? Or does that mean doing so increases chances for a war victory resulting in the above? Thank you

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This is pretty key and, subject to more info, I would devote all my energies to this I think


Kamikaze Assassin’s sheet shows numbers matching the one from your memory so I’m hoping that the game comes out that way.

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Woah I just saw the chance to revive for fighters!! Epic

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Fighters revive with 1 HP. Don’t get too carried away.


That’s enough to change the direction of a raid, especially with a healer ready.

How many times have we had a fully charged sniper or healer ready only to be knocked out

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Fighter’s revival benefits tanks more than any other role. Delilah as a Fighter tank was really annoying. Died with full mana, revived, healed and added a coat of minion armor. There’s an Atlantis hero coming that will show just how annoying a fighter tank can be.


And also, if a Fighter dies with a DoT effect in place, they revive with the DoT still active and die again.


Agree that makes the talent less useful but it’s still a gamechanger to revive with 1 HP

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Just got this from a Hero Chest…


Well they finally mentioned all the fighter classes. When the new release rolls out i will release my beta team. It was by far one of the most successful. I have a few alliances in beta and we all attack each other along with other defenses. We talk and work on the best defenses. So fsr the best defense wasnt too far off what they currently are. Guin, grave, zeline, but the outside hero being areil was a major part of the difficulty being raised. So that being said once ariel rolls out here in a few weeks along with atomos next month i can give you more of a heads up on whos really great and whos not.

As for the hero class’s rogue class has a 30% chance to dodge special skills. The ailment still applies. Fighter class has a 30% chance to revive with 1 hp. I did not find fighter class hard to beat. They only revive with one hp so its not that helpful.

Rogue class is my favorite. After battling my ghost self with 3 fully leveled rogue heros i personally feel like rogue was the most difficult to destroy. Rogue have a 30% chance to dodge and boy was it tough to kill a team full of rogues. What im speaking of is the d. Attacking a d full of rogue is a pain in the butt.

Since hero class has already started rolling out you might check with @Kerridoc to see if he will release the hero class charts. It will be coming shortly. Im sure he wants to verify one last time that all the heros are in the same class but after that im sure he will have no problem releasing them. My first hero im leveling will be kageburado. As i understand it he will be rogue class and if he is he will be a beeeeotch to kill.


My team get blue coin too :grin:

Nice! I have an Android but the update isn’t out yet, hmmm

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