Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

I already had a plan layed out before classes and i don’t want to change it. Once i can’t level up anymore 5* then I’ll be leveling up troops. Once i have at least 1 set of lvl 30 troops then I’ll focus on classes and by then there will be more info out about the best perks and routes of each hero.

Basically I’m kind of treating it like getting a new 5*. When players outside the top 100 alliances get new 5*, we typically wait for the bigger spenders/competitors use them first and hopefully put them on their D team so we can gain info about whether we want to invest 4* mats in that hero since our mats take us a lot longer to get.

No reason emblems can’t be treated the same way. Emblems are supposed to be an end game project. If i pull away from maxing out my roster and troops in order to work on emblems, in my mind that only creates a bigger gap between me and those ahead of me.

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Today 20 emblems fell out of a green chest.

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The difference is, Rigs, that you can get your emblems back. You can get Ascension materials back. I agree with Kerr, there’s no reason to hold out on these things, you’ll just be hurting yourself.

True but it still costs hams and I’m already behind on other needs that cost hams. So just thinkin i should catch up then push forward. If i try to level heros, troops, and classes at the same time, it’ll be a bigger struggle for hams than what i already face just leveling heros

If cup dropping was as viable as it used to be, then yea I’d be all in trying to improve on every front…

This New class feature is a bunch of dodo. Why can’t we use any of our heroes? You guys need to fix this. We should be able to use any and all of our heros. Very very disappointed.

The limits on hero selection for each quest being the same classes as the quest itself is kind of the whole point. There are lots of places you can use any hero you want, this is a new type of challenge.

You may find these guides by @Mariamne useful:

Just in case you don’t already realize this, while developers sometimes read the forum, everyone in the discussion is just a fellow player. :slight_smile:


Get him gator! @General_Confusion wth, why don’t u fix this?!?!


I deeply apologize for the doodoo. I hope nobody stepped in it.
I’m coding as fast as I can, but git keeps rejecting my code with the error “you don’t work at SG, please stop sending us doodoo code”.


36 WE in one day. This really is a P2W feature.

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You are truly a man of your word.

Also, to you and @rigs, thanks for the best morning laugh I’ve had in a while. Just as an observation though, I’m not sure that trying to check in doodoo code is intrinsically a problem, given the last 2 patches…


Thanks for noticing. Sadly, as I find out more about this class system the more I think this game just jumped the shark. I’ll give it a bit more time, but they it is implemented looks fatally flawed to me right now.


It’s going to be quite a while yet before we see the practical implications of this change play out. I’m basically holding off my judgement until we get a better handle on what’s happening. My read is that there’s a ton of heat on the forums right now, but very little light being cast.


I’m not basing this based on others opinions (which are all across the board). To me its clear this is another “let the strong get stronger and to keep up others will have to shell out a ton of cash” feature. There are enough of those already. There are other issues, but that is the biggest.

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36 WE is 6 hours worth of energy. Granted, maybe more than 36 WE is needed if multiple attempts are required to compkete all atages. But it’s not something I would point to if making a point about FTP.

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I wasn’t figuring you were, so much as commenting that I wasn’t getting anything much from the forum to inform my own opinion at present. If this does end up being basically a p2w cash grab, then I agree with you that game has probably jumped the shark.

Lets put it another way, its enough that most people can’t keep their hero factories running at capacity without purchasing more WE or using flasks. Twice a week. But that isn’t all - there is a ton of other issues associated with the implementation that favor helping the more advanced and willing to spend players. Further unbalancing game that as teetering on the edge of being too unbalanced anyway.

We will see, but as I said, from heroes classification all the to token acquisition it looks flawed.

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I think it’s awesome. Had a great, new fight today. Yes, I’ve been playing long enough to have about 15 maxed heros to choose from in those classes (Tusk and Grimm were key, BTW), but if a feature benefits those that have put in the time, so be it. I say it’s about time. Growing up, you won RPG video games by grinding through them. You got rewarded for playing and keeping up. We need more of this, not less.

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Glad you having fun with it, to me its was a yawn, other than the waste of WE.

Its Its paying to just keep up, so the gap doesn’t widen that is the issue.

I’ll make you a bet. First maxed 5 star will be in 4-5 months, and not the multiple years predicted by some. While most rest of the players will be far less than half way.

It will be a combo of them having a ton more WE available than most of us, and them paying for every offer in the shop and outside.

One or the other would be fine, allowing them to be combined…monumentally stupid.

Why is everyone convinced that people are buying these? I haven’t seen a single place to buy them, just earn them. And as far as WE, again, just play and you’ll level up. At Lvl 50 I have 42 WE. This quest cost me nothing but a some time over lunch.

That being said, the drop rates are really low so far. This is, indeed, going to take just short of forever.

That’s what I was thinking everyone is in a tissy over this new part of the game but its going to be months before we see any finished heroes, and if the chest war and quest are the only way to get them the ftp people should be very happy

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