Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

I agree with you on the Point that the the Tokens should not be buyable.

With this I disagree because quite a lot of older players complained there is nothing left to do for them and the new content seems to be a resonable solution to that problem if they do not sell the tokens.


V18.0.1 success :joy: opened talent

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Embrace the talents!!!

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What does the x by some of the talents mean?

so with the reset does that mean once you max a hero you can reset to get the emblems returned and the hero is still maxed?

Got my first monk coins from a diamond chest.
2 coins.

I want to die.
Let me die.


Check your inbox too :wink:

…but you’ll still want to die. :smile:


5 * heroes need 1500 emblems :joy: you still want to die :rofl::rofl:

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Thanks, was going to say this. I don’t care if the emblems are purchasable or not, but I’m glad there’s something more to work towards.

It means that stat is increased by a percentage instead of an absolute number. The upgrade path you choose will affect how many points that stat increases.

Do Thoth Amun’s minions normal attacks trigger his Sorcerer skill too ?

I’ve been farming S2 15-10 like crazy because of the mats and recruits

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FThe “x” nodes increase a stat by a % — a multiplier, whence the “x”. So if you’ve boosted defense a lot in earlier nodes, then this x node will give you more benefit.


does anyone want to try it on hero 3* because it only requires 14 emblems :joy::joy:
Like this bane = monk can resist status ailments :laughing::laughing:

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Why do Bane when you can do Sigrunn so inexpensively? :laughing:

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You mean sigrunn like alby skill?

Question on Evade skill.
If Inari has her special active, does her intrinsic ability happen before or after her special?
ie, is there a risk that her innate class ability denies her a minion or does her special register first?
Ideally it would be that if dodge fails then her evade ability is checked.

Did anyone have experience with this in beta?

No, just a joke. @Gryphonknight maxed out the 1* Sigrunn for fun. :smile:

10x… :boom::fist_left::smirk:

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When I was testing it was always +% of the base stat. How I choose to upgrade before that never impacted how much stat boost I got.

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