Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

wu will always be a evil monkey :smiley:
hes on a class of his own

Will SG explain how it works and how to take a hero to a better skill?

Would it be best to work first on your defence team? I got full max Sartana/zeline/GM/Delilah/Magni…
And should i then first look which hero is best to start with considering specials form others?

Can you just start working on the extra when hero is fully maxed?

Talents can only be added to heroes with max ascension, max level, and max special.

As to which of your heroes to use emblems on, we are all working on figuring that out. Remember that, unlike ascension items, you can get emblems back from a hero. You can reset a hero in one of two ways: using a Reset Emblem, which returns 100% of emblems, or with some gems, which returns (90%? 95%?) of emblems.

I’m weighing whether work on titan specialists or defense or good all-arounders matters most. Fortunately with ten classes there is some flexibility, but there definitely are some crowded classes.

Your defense, for example, has two wizards and two fighters. Assuming you decide to use emblems to boost defense, should you reconfigure you defensive squad to have five different classes? With my hand I’d replace Wizard Sartana with Rogue Khiona, and Fighter Magni with Ranger Alasie.


this is great news FTP players shouldnt have to deal with p2w players. glad they finally keeping these tiers of people apart so it will be much fairer fights in the middle elo. nice job SG. with most FTP players already having a nice roster of fours they can start talent trees in the midgame area making for some interesting developments in the alliance wars over the next few months.

How can i see which class a hero has? I’m looking at my heroes but i see nothing? Will that be visible after completion of outroll?

Yes, the class symbol will be visible on the full card and, for maxed heroes, on their thumbnail in the roster. For now you can find the class assignments here:

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I have heard the class quests are set for 2500/3500/4000. This completely disenfranchises casuals or spenders who are new (last 6 months) who haven’t gotten 2-3 heroes in every class maxed. There is literally no point for anyone other than the 7dd types to spend.

I’ll not talk about spending but new players will be incentivized to collect every 3* hero and to empower them, and compete into the low level PvP challenges like a boss enjoiyng the game, while we would chase after emblems to empower 5* heroes.


The 2500 TP levels should be easily doable with a 3* team. Gems II has 2600 or so and I did it with a mix of fully leveled 2*, fully or almost fully leveled 3* and Gormek 2/37.

Beginners might decide to give their first Emblems to Valen, Brienne, Belith or if they own them one of the Atlantis 3s. Even the F2P players will eventually get a few 4 or maybe 5* heroes so that some of the 3500 TP stages can also be finished.

4000 TP is for advanced players and to be honest I expected the hardest stage would be even much tougher (4/80+X heroes required to beat them). I’m quite positive that every F2P who has a good bank of fully leveled 4* heroes can do at least some of the 4000 TP stages and most of the 3500 TP stages.


Not to mention items… There’s yet to be a quest you can’t just automatically win with items if you really need to.

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Paladin/Ranger quests appear to have no TC20 healers 3-5* available, this could be problematic.

Except items are allowed, so not really a huge issue

Pally/monk/ranger is really hurting.

Gandalf to Wizard and Kiril to Pally is sensible and balances this.

Quite a few non green 4* good options to replace Gandalf in Druid. Falcon or Sonya come to mind.

Class changes are not likely. Beta went wild with every single person that has an opinion saying all the classes are wrong. Theres one class that makes sense. Ranger class symbol is a bow and everyone carrying a bow is in ranger class. I would say to just take your opinions and lock them away somewhere far far away and forget you wver had an opinion lol.

Domitia intensifies.

It’s less a makes sense and more an ‘are we honestly required to use items because nobody thought to spread healers out for overlap’

It will get done but that seems broken from inception.

Edit: Moving a 3* will have no effect on balancing. Looking at you Hawkmoon.

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A question at the beta testers.
Am i right to estimate, that with class feature defensive values are much more present?
Do Raids get longer and tiledamage is less impactfull then before?

Most class talents are defensiv and i would guess most of the time you choose the defensiv Option in the talentgrid?

Given the formula, 100x(Att/Def)^1.35, on less than a 5 stack Defense closes some of the gap I would speculate.

@AndyBSG… I concur with your assessment of the gap between f2p and p2w growing when /if this is implemented. It will likely destroy they enjoyablity of this game for f2p users.



Can you guys expand on why you think classes benefit p2w users more than f2p? This doesn’t even seem to be based on them selling emblems, but rather some notion you have about how spenders have some kind of inherent advantage in grinding. Not many people are spending hundreds on world energy flags unless they’re competing for events, if that’s what you concerned about.


@KingArchur… In response to your question, I have an alliance named Inimical in which I am the leader. Three, of the 27, players on my team have spent more than $50 whereas I have spent merely $10. Each of those three have already surpassed me in heroes, team power, and overall damage. It could be attributed to the fact that they play more than me, however, I am constantly on. In addition to that, one of the players joined three weeks ago compared to my three months of playing. As I said, it could be that they play more than me but I believe that is unlikely, rather, it is the fact that they have spent more. Which affords them higher level heroes sooner than a f2p individual. Just my observations and opinions.



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