Version 18 - New class feature - any input on details?

Is being released with classes if I’m reading the patch notes correctly, any players want to spill on more specifics with what we can expect?


I took the liberty of updating the title to better reflect where I think you want this thread to go. If I’m not correct, feel free to change it back.

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I like your style, but what are we going to do tomorrow night?


From what I’ve seen, it’s a way for the top players to become even more powerful.

Currently, with time and luck most people can build a reasonable 5* team.

The grind that seems to be involved with these class emblems and the buffs the new skills give are going to separate the free to play and big spenders even more


Looking for more of a this hero is this, this class does this. This is awesome, this isn’t so much.

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From what I’ve seen, there’s 8 different classes(Wizard, Monk, Paladin, etc).

You can’t choose your class, each hero’s class is preset. So Aegir is always a Paladin, Joon is always a Monk.

There’s going to be a new token that is earned in the same way as ascension materials(war chests, monster chests, titan loot)

Each class has some sort of talent tree so I assume these new class tokens are spent to unlock skills in the tree.

So, you may be able to pick a talent that gives you a 10% chance of getting a defence boost for 2 turns each time you hit or one that gives you a 10% chance to resist mana drain.

It’s impossible to get all talents on one hero, as you move up the tree you have to pick which branch you go down

That seems to be the general idea from all the info I’ve seen out there but not sure it’s all 100% accurate


Any beta users have input?

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Pretty positive it’s 10 classes but I’m not beta


Did you check the post on
News & Updates section?

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@Tpenn you are beta … and you can help us :wink:


What do you guys think Wu is?? Guin?

Slip us some more info on trees!

Organize the rabble! PATCHFORKS EVERYONE!!


There were 10 classes in beta which extend the powers of 3*, 4* and 5* heroes. You can enhance your heroes by using emblems. I don’t know what the final class implementation is, but based on the beta builds I have the following suggestions.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to spend those emblems! There is a penalty for resetting heroes and re-using emblems, so you want to use them right the first time. I suggest accumulating them and learning about all the classes with the info that will come out in the following weeks, then make a plan to upgrade your best heroes. For example, you may want to concentrate on one hero per class, and picking that hero is important. There are charts with which hero is in which class that will be updated once the final version is in play.

  2. I suggest upgrading 5* if possible (you can only enhance maxed heroes). 4* get a good boost also. I would not enhance 3* unless you are a rare challenge specialist and you need it to push yourself over the top.

  3. Make sure that you get as many emblems as possible. One of the concerns was that it may take a year or more to upgrade a hero (this is completely unknown but it was a concern in beta). There are specific quests that require you to use a hero from one of two classes. You may or may not have enough heroes in those particular classes. If not, you need to level more so that you can complete the quests as soon as you can. There will also be emblem packs (of course). There will be other ways to get emblems and they may drop in chests, titans, etc. but where and in what quantity is unknown.

  4. Each tree has several branch points where you will have choices about whether to enhance defense vs hit points, etc. Read these carefully. You may want to upgrade tanks with more defense and hp whereas strikers you may want more attack, or a combination of both.

  5. Of special importance are mana upgrades. These go from 2-4% and they will allow people with lesser troops to get a nice enhancement. For example, normally you need a level 23 mana troop to get from 10 to 9 tiles on a medium speed hero. However, if you have a 2% mana boost, your requirement drops to level 17, and with a 4% it drops to level 11. These will be a great boon to some players.

A lot is unknown such as how we use these in wars. This is an exciting development, but since everyone will accumulate them slowly I don’t anticipate a large impact on the game right away. Even Zero can’t max all his heroes in a month :slight_smile:


Here’s a good primer on hero classes. I haven’t gotten the update yet and we’re all assuming that SG hasn’t changed anything since the last beta version. If they did, the guide will be updated.


as stated in the release notes, there are 10 classes


All we know is that when it’s availabe @Xero786 will already have 3 maxed class heroes


I hereby award you the title BRO-KARR


Limited 5 star clerics…interesting. Any idea when Onatel fits?

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Based on beta there may be two more clerics out in the next six weeks :slight_smile:


Onatel is already listed as a Wizard.


Do we know if this primer has its own thread yet? May be beneficial to pin it to the player guides section for a bit if it’s not already there. :blush:

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