Version 18 - Class Talents


My alt is giving emblems to Rigard. He doesnt have any 5* clerics, so the choice seems clear. Hansel complained, but Rigard is more mission-critical.

An important difference between emblems and ascension mats is that we can get emblems back. If my alt happens to get Ariel, he can always strip the emblems from Rigard once Ariel is maxed.



I bet your Rigard were looking emblems like this…



That would also be my choice. But the class bonus says: “…per active buff of enemy …“. With the titan fight, I only have one enemy - and hopefully without a buff. So maybe its also a waste of emblems ???



The biggest benefit to using emblems on titan teams is survivability. 15/20 of the talent grid nodes are about boosting stats, mana regeneration, etc. on the hero, not about the class ability (e.g. Jinx). Jinx against regular titans is a waste and of limited value against rare titans (which do buff themselves).

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Looks like we’re all part of a never ending story



Maybe I overlooked it, but has anyone an idea if talents are also handed down to the minions?

There would be several possibilities how that happens (e.g. for minions summoned by Delilah)

  1. Minions are just minions.
  2. Minions get the same talent (if any) that the summoner has.
  3. Minions get the same talent (if any) that the hero has they are accompanying.

Would appreciate any input :slight_smile:




I have seen a Delilah minion on Gravemaker create a Wound. Hitting a Thorn Minion has a chance to spawn another Thorn Minion.



So… a Delilah-Amun combination could be brutal for mana generation?

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Thoth creates his own trouble, err, minions, but yes—stacking more minions on him from Delilah, Inari, Santa, etc. will amplify his effect.



Hi Kerridoc,

thanks for the input; however, as far as I understand your answer it would be Nr.3, right?
The minion behaves (concerning talents) just like the hero he is joining.

So a minion in front of a Barbarian can create bleeding, a minion in front of a paladin can create a defensive buff (for the minion only or even the hero?)

I hope I did get you right :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help



My mistake; fixed. Minions take on the talent of their owner, not their summoner.



I need to do a bit more testing, but there is fairly strong evidence that minions attacks are implemented as a single tile attack by their owner. Anything a tile attack can do, a minion should do.



So a minion can revive? Not sure how actually useful that is, but its interesting.

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So in a few classes I have enough emblems to go to the first node for a 5 star, but no interesting 5 star to put it on. I’m sure I’m not the only one - so are people waiting or just adding them with the thought of changing them later?



I personally am at the stage of deepening my 4* bench, and have only this week ascended my first two 5* to 4th tier - Drake and Khiona. I have only recently achieved 2 to 3 fully ascended 4* of each colour. Of course I am using my emblems for my 4s. Its a no-brainer that I need to bootstrap to the next level, and it will take months before I can get MN, Onatel, Evelyn, Zimkitty, Quintus, Kadilen and Magni to max. I will in the meantime use my tokens for Grimm, Proteus, Wilbur, Scarlett, Buddy, Sabina, Rigard, Caed, Sonya etc - the ones I use daily. When I get a 5 to max I will refund the tokens and take the loss.
There have to be thousands of players at my level : about half a year along.



I am generally making the call on an individual basis. For example, I have obvious 4* choices (Wu, Grimm, Rigard, jackal) and obvious 5* choices (Ares) but the rest I am waiting on. I have Eve, Lianna, Buddy, Greg and Tibs (and the other 4*) in ranger. How I’ll make a decision here is beyond me.



@Kerridoc Glad I didn’t start another thread on this topic! I see you have the Talent List here - great. Are you aware of where these descriptions came from or whom? Some of them are vague for me and it appears to several other players. I checked the official game site for further details - and couldn’t even find this list of definitions you posted.

My Feedback regarding the v18 - Class Talents


The visualization/graphic designers have done a fine job with the presentation of the talent 'grid' and integrating into the original format of the Hero card with the [Special] [Talents] option buttons.


Unfortunately, and as usual: within the game itself, there is a major lack of detail regarding "the DETAILS". Really guys, again?


I will prefix what I'm about to say with "it could be limited to specific Hero's or even Hero combinations in Raids. I'm not sure." There are technical issues with the game, not minor in my opinion at all. I will process those appropriately as to not taint this thread.

I have a lot of unanswered questions and figure someone here can answer them... going to keep it simple for now and come back later to wrap up someday...

1) What is a Thorn Minion?

Where can I get the statistics on the guy? He hasn't spawned for me in I'd say 80 raids with Zim since I went to class level 1 with her. I would like to know what they are and what they can do - they should be in the game so players can at least make a semi informed decision with the DRUIDs...

Granted ZIM Is a tough Kitty however, I assure you she recieved "some" damage during those raids - and she didn't get a "COMPANION". I've seen plenty of the others that I have (and that others have) - that GRAVY BLEED that I was told was 'nothing' - wrong!

2) I have a lot of questions with little time - who is the EXPERT SOURCE FOR CLASS TALENTS?




These came directly from the descriptions in the talent grid, at least from a beta version.

For info on Thorn Minions, see the cleverly named thread Thorn minions. I can confirm they have 15% of the modified maximum HP of the hero. Not confirmed what the attack % is.



I was hoping someone had a gold mine somewhere with this - lol. Appreciate the prompt response - it will suffice for that Thorn Minion. So likely no info on such things for the marjority of the players (who don’t come to or use the forum) to make sound or should I say confident in what they are getting decision making prior to clicking that “LEARN” button and watching the emblem count drop. Not your fault or mine. I still haven’t seen my Zim fire the skill, so other than 15% HP of the caster and what it will look like - nothing to reference from the game itself. Do you remember when we would buy a game for a $ XX.00 and it would literally come with a manual that was so detailed that anything we could ever want to know was at the touch of our fingertips… Web is great, the return results of our queries not so much so often.

Thanks @Kerridoc



What besides the Thorn Minion attack % is unclear from the descriptions at the top of the thread?