Version 18 - Class Talents



Based on what I’ve seen so far, Cleric seems to be the least populated class (so far). That said, it seems like there may be a few top choices: Mother North (if you have her), Vivica and Rigard seem like top picks for me. Though I haven’t seen anyone actually advise spending on Mother so maybe that’s bad advice. It seems a safe bet to say avoid spending on Elkanen. Anyone have other thoughts or suggestions?


Rigard seems like the obvious choice due to the rarity of his special skill.


They aren’t advising to give the tokens to her because she is pretty rare.
If I had her I would give her my tokens without a doubt.


Have you looked over this thread, and madmarv’s post in specific?

This might be a good thread to merge there @Rook, @Kerridoc


Merged. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Even over Vivica with her cleanse/omniheal special?


Man, she can bring back the deads and her minions add 10% of her life pool…

A full HP & DEF build could be insane on her!


It’s probably been answered, but I can’t see and have used the search :frowning:

How does Insri special work with her class ability? Do they stack if her special is up?


Her special is tested first; if the attack goes through, her Dodge ability is checked. The test needs to be sequential because she gets a minion in one case but not in the other.


Thanks @Kerridoc. My maths tells me that she therefore has a 65% chance of dodging a special when her own special is up when fully leveled.

Pretty decent!

Still don’t know who to choose out of her and Khiona for the emblems though.


Hi, I’m not clear on what this means… 6%chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack. The effect deals 60% of the damage done and lasts for 5 turns. This effect stacks. Can you explain this? Thanks.


Let’s see if we can break it down…

Talents have a chance percentage, unlocked as you progress through the tree. For Barbarians, it’s a 6% increase with each unlocked talent-specific node. A maxed Barbarian will have a 30% chance of their talent triggering, since there are 5 talent nodes in total, depicted by the axe icon on the Barbarian Talent Tree.

This means the talent can trigger from a normal attack, in other words, not a special skill attack. On Offense this is a tile match. On Defense it’s a “slash” attack, i.e. the regular hit defenders do periodically regardless of mana charge.

This means that the amount of damage of the talent effect will be proportional to the normal damage done. Bigger damage, bigger Wound effect.

This means that the amount of the Wound damage will be spread across 5 turns. So, as an example, if the damage done is 100, then the Wound would be 60 (60% of 100), and the per-turn would be 12 (60/5).

This means that multiple Wound effects can be applied to the same target at the same time, without overwriting a previously applied Wound. So a Barbarian who repeatedly hits a target with normal damage has a chance to apply multiple Wound effects to it.


which char would have best thorn damage? & also at what level will one see real damage?

my example, i raided this guy w 3600+ firepower, mine’s 3900+ he/she has melendor at lvl 2 talent, sir lancelot lvl 4 talent, i won cause i guess due to my firepower but what about real damage from the talents upgrade?


Rigard - he is already robust without upgrades and his talent suits him.

He lacks a punch anyway, so would it make sense to simply maximize his survivability and make him max hp/def for wars? (yea, he’s my war healer)


Hi, i would like to know your opinion:

My team for defence / offence - playing just 4 months, don´t have the depth…:

Joon 4/25, Lianna 4/80, Ares 4/80 +1, Isarnia 4/15, Sartana 4/80

I don´t have Guin, Zeline or Hel… and i don´t have any other dark or ice 5*.

To whom you would give the wizard emblems? Sartana or Isarnia? Isarnia should be a logical choice… attacking all… but she is the main target right know… must be killed as first - so giving her the emblems is a waste, do you agree? So i am leaning towards Sartana. Would you agree? Thank you!


This all depends on your play style. I use sartana in 4/5 raid attack teams but use isarnia on my defense team and most titans. Which do I care more about and focus on would be my choice - for me, it is Isarnia because of titan usage.


The general strategy is for hero class upgrades to go to the heroes you use in the most situations. The examples below are the roles a hero will find him/her/itself in most frequently.

  1. Raid / War defense.
  2. Raid / War attack teams.
  3. Titan attack teams.
  4. Events / Quests / Farming / Map exploration

This is why the choice of who to advance in hero classes is so personal. It does no good for a hero who is seldom used to get the benefit no matter how well it fits them.

For example, I have neither Isarnia nor Sartana but I know how I would use them with my bench. Isarnia is almost useless to me. As a slow hero she will have to get behind Athena (x2), Magni and even Aegir for a spot on any team. I could possibly use her on a team for Wizard specific quests because my only 5-star wizard is Zeline.

Sartana could go be swapped in on a raid attack team because I have Panther, Khiona and Mok-Arr currently rocking as a trio. Sartana would be useless for titan hits since Sabina has better tile damage. For defense teams Panther beats Sartana hands down. There will be very little use for Sartana outside of occasional raid attacks.

If I didn’t have Zeline and only had Isarnia and Sartana the obvious choice for me would be to give emblems to Sartana.

Now this is analysis will not be useful for anyone else, but you can run a similar exercise with all of your 5-star heroes in each class. I suggest you avoid giving any emblems to 4-star heroes at all unless they are Jackal, Falcon, Wilbur or Wu Kong. Those 4-stars have very unique SS abilities that are not found among 5-star heroes. They are therefore valuable enough to give emblems to improve their defenses so that they can survive longer against high level titans and raids. Even then they are not at the top of your priority list. The 5-stars get priority because 4-star heroes at 70+20 don’t quite catch up to their 5-star analogues.


I’d add Proteus to that list too, barring someone having Hel.

Particularly for someone without a lot of 5* heroes, Proteus can be a huge game changer.


Thank you… Very helpful…


I’d also add Rigard. At 4/70.3 he’s he’s now on 5/5 raid teams (since everyone I fight seems to have at least 1 maybe 2 status ailment inflicting heroes) and he’s in my war defense with a critical troop (high defense and HP) in the back corner and it’s anecdotally making a difference in the overall hits it’s taking. For me though, I don’t have a 5* healer so for me, he’s worth it especially since the only really comparable card to him in 5* isn’t even out yet.