Version 18 - Class Talents



Maybe we should finish season 2 first before wishing for seson 3. :smile:


Get to TC13 or 20 and wait for the Right 3* heroes to pop.

By the way……Lyla is a Rogue. :smile:

Mine is maxed and I might use her if I have to.


As so often I agree with some ( most ) of your content but as long as we dont see symbols for sale we can hope. :wink:


I’m almost done with season 2. I was just saying it would be better then emblems for a season 3 get different characters… I just see the emblems causing problems for raids and mismatches a season 3 would be less headache


Back on topic, please.


I dont see right now where the new classes and talents create problems with raids and mismatches.

Raids are cup based and the only problem that could develop is that team strength is even more decieving if talents are not included in hero strength.

Now in war that might be a problem since hero strength is part of the pairing formula.


Talents directly adjust the hero,power. I believe that each node on the tree adds 5 to the hero power rating.

In war are class upgrades included in teampower?

Exactly my point with wars and raids there is a problem… the emblems are not going to add anymore power points to your card.


But they do. See what I posted while you were typing.


10 four. kudos to you for clearing that up.


maybe they roll it faster than 3 proc/month


I’ve seen about 3-4 people that have already talented up heroes. How the heck have they done this so quickly? Then again, I believe I did see someone post a screenshot here in the forums with +50 emblems on a chest drop.


For those who have received bigger loads of emblems from probably elemental chests.


@Kerridoc - Paladin has a 5% Chance for additional defense…


I can’t find any information relating to the differences among the classes, ie., what’s the difference between a Sorcerer and a Wizard? Is there a hierarchy with the classes?


Do you mean other than what’s at the top of the thread, where the differences between the class talents like Sorcerer and Wizard are explained?

If you’re looking for other info on classes in addition to that, this thread has a lot of info:


Zephyr1, I can’t thank you enough for responding! I knew I was risking sounding like a dweeb but I like this game; going on 7 months and want to keep up.


For those that hit more than one target, does pierce only impact the primary target or everyone? Does it change based on it being the same damage to multiple targets vs splash to nearby?


Pierce could trigger on anyone the Ranger damages with their SS.


Good to know, that is also part of the equation I think…thanks!