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I didn’t realize they had level requirements… Not sure why they did that other than prevent people from whining about it being too hard.

Not sure how difficult these stages are since I’m not in Beta. I assume they’re similar in difficulty to rare quests, but with very limited hero pools (the bigger issue). They are probably prone to item-cheese though unless they increased the boss HPs to prevent it. When I was just starting out, I had plenty of bombs/axes/arrows to throw at difficult stages since I had no other use for them.


I’m just saying the people that are already up there like seven days Departed are already ready to use the emblems it would take somebody 8 months to get 5 stars all leveled up and then they have to start on the emblems we’re all the other players didn’t plan it for a long time with already all them players would already have added all their new emblems to them so really reality sets in that the top guys right now are always going to be the top guys there is no room for newcomers to catch up even though we all started out with no emblems the people ahead of the game already already got the emblems and they are leveling players up already. You can’t tell me if you got three five star teams going out there already and already loving them up some new guys going to come in by the time he gets to that level 8 months a year down the road that he’s going to catch up with him there’s no way it was hard enough to level two players up already now we got more levels to catch up on the top is always going to be the top now instead of doing all that a season 3 with new characters coming in I would have liked a lot better


Please use punctuation, that was hard to read. Let me try this again:

  • Long time players have an advantage over new players - this is a known fact and the reality in most games. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate.
  • Classes being introduced, did not decrease this gap… but it also didn’t increase it. The gap between new players (that are currently playing) and long time players is exactly the same as before.

Now, you could argue that players starting a year from now (i.e. ones that are not currently playing) will be behind because they haven’t been able to accumulate emblems… but who knows what the game will look like in a year? They could have implemented other mechanisms that make it easier for new players to catch up by then; I’m not against them adding ways for new players to catch up - that just isn’t the point of classes.

I’m going to stop replying now, this is getting off topic for a class talent guide.


Understood. I’m new at this chatting thing maybe I’ll get better in years time. Thanks for listening. Put in a good word for me for season 3. Until next time I appreciate your input. Much gratitude towards you


I see your point and agree. I’m squatting on about 15 maxed 5* and 40 4*. You’re absolutely right that i will probably have at least one to two maxed classes by the time you even get halfway to where I’m at. The gap wasn’t as bad in 2017. When i first started a lot of players were still trying to get maxed 5* and it wasn’t routine like it is now.

Players didn’t like that. They wanted to max 4 and 5* faster and faster, so now we have multiple ways to get more mats but some of those ways are geared towards top players or top spenders(12* titans, multiple events, seasonal quests, rare titans, atlantis chests, consistent war chests, guaranteed mat purchases, etc)

Some will consider that “the natural” growth of the of the game. But i feel the player base forced the hand of the developers. Same will happen with these class emblems. Higher players and bigger spenders will get them faster and faster and in bigger quantities before new players barely play 3 months and realize how far behind they are then simply quit.

Sucks but it’s just the road the game has gone down and will continue to go down. It’s a business. Developers are only giving players what they want. Unfortunately it’s not favorable solutions for all players.

Best things you can do to enjoy this game:

-find an alliance of players you enjoy playing with

-don’t spend unless you need to(if you’ve maxed every 4 and 5* in your roster or just can’t level them further, 1 10x pull won’t break you)

-don’t worry about the top. Just set personal goals and alliance goals such as killing higher titans, gaining more cups, winning more wars, topping your last event ranking, etc

The top will be the top. The bottom will gradually grow into the middle. But the bottom and middle will never be the top without spending enough money to put a down payment on a house or nice car.

Just the way it is.

Hope you have fun in the game for a long time. Just do you, don’t worry about everyone else

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Sorry, this is wrong. We each got 20 emblems of each class. It takes 65 for the first node along the tree. Except for one lucky person I know who got 50 emblems from an elemental,chest this morning, no one has talented up any hero. And those 50memblems could have fallen to you or me just as likely to this other person.


I want to ask about the trial challenge, for example shadow. what I want to ask is the hero that we can bring to play in that class, do we have to only be the hero, specifically the sorcerer and rogue emblem? or free can we carry any hero emblems?
because I don’t have a Sorcerer hero :joy::joy:


Technically there may be players already leveling up heroes but they’re probably only 1 or 2 star heroes :blush:


Shadow allows Rogue and Sorcerer, just like the emblems it yields.

This will answer all of your questions :slight_smile:


I found 1 person had activated his hero talent :grin::grin:


if I don’t have a Sorcerer and Rogue hero, I mean I can’t take that class?


Basically, yes. You can only use heroes of those classes for that quest. Each of the class quests is like that, allowing 2 classes of heroes to be used.


and if I only have a rogue hero, can I follow it?


Yes, you can use as many or as few of each class allowed as you want. So you could have a team of 5 Rogues, for instance. Of course then there’s the question of whether you can actually beat the quest with those particular heroes…but that’s the fun/challenge. :slight_smile:


and this is bad news for me oh no … really a nightmare. I don’t have a hero in those 2 classes :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


You’ll get some eventually, just keep your training camps running. And if you don’t have heroes in that class, I suppose you also need the emblems less immediately anyway.


Great reply. No beating around the bush straight shot. You tell it like it is. I really do love this game and I really hate to see it go down like that. But I guess it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Thank you until next time


There were only 20 in my first elemental chest.


Luckyly 2 maxed 4* and 3 maxed 3* get you through the easy and medium trial. :smile: