Version 18 - Class Talents



i can say for inari. in beta she had 56% chance to dodge (special skill) and if it didn’t t happen she had another chance (up to 20%) to dodge due to rogue talent

Classes and the defense meta

65% dodge is not too shabby. I assume she was a real pain to kill?


Geneva has no name. After throwing a year refusing to nerfearla, now kill it by putting it in a class of damage, when it has no harm, meanwhile, other characters equal or more unbalanced as gravemaker, the more unbalanced, I imagine that those “always” will have replacement.


Yes v18.0.1 talent opened :heart_eyes:


We can get those class coins in quests only? Or there re more ways to get them?


My emblems zero :joy::joy:
if I see this is a very long journey hahahahaha … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think this is when a game goes overboard and starts going downhill you put these telling grids to keep the people that have been playing this game forever and have everything leveled up to keep them busy but what about the people trying to catch up all you had to do is add a season 3 in the game was fine now a lot of people are going to quit because of this I’ve seen a lot of games do this and I seen a lot of games aren’t out there no more good luck no room for me to catch up


This a great for ‘new players trying to catch up’. Everyone started with no emblems. You’re on equal footing for this. They even put a reset mechanic which lets new players spend their emblems on their current roster without having to worry about it being a waste.


You should have a message in your inbox with 20 emblems of each class and one reset emblem.

Reset emblems are very rare. Don’t expect to see many, so plan your emblem use accordingly.

We are seeing some emblems in chests (monsters, etc.). 50 emblems in the first elemental chest I’ve heard about.


50??? Wow… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m here to quell the joy

1 Wizard from Standard Monster Chest
0 Emblems from Platinum Hero Chest

From early posts so far it seems there are wide variations in the number of emblems dropped. Clearly they have a % chance to drop, sadly they are not certain to drop like iron and ham.


Polling results in 7D suggests 0-3 emblems per standard chest, 10-50 in elemental chest.



How many are going to be doled out during challenge events I wonder to the top 10?


We are still not on equal footing the people start not coming in it’s going to be too much for them to have to level up and then have to worry about him blooms is going to make more people think it’s too complicated and quit and the people this only benefits is the people that have been playing the game for ever and they got 15 different teams that they can just send out there on war most of us only got one team that we can use so the people that been playing at the longest we’ll always have an advantage isn’t in some way but this leaves us no way to catch up to them people can’t start at the bottom and work their way to the top the tops are ready there there is no mountain to climb cuz it’s unreachable


I’m just saying a season 3 would have been just fine to add to it


I disagree. New players still have to level their heroes to max before they can use any of the benefits of the class structure. That will take 8 months or so for any 5 star. In that same 8 months we will see the first set of active long time players maxing out their class trees. So any “catchup” for new players is essentially eliminated.

I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, but it is the reality.

Yes, the more complex a game is (or looks to be) the bigger barrier for new players and the more they will just abandon it without giving it much of a chance. I’m not sure where that limit is though, if they can still start with an easy playing “match three” game the depth can sneak up on them…just as it did for many of us when we started to play before the class system.


The biggest issue for many new or low-spend players will be assembling teams for the class trials. My main account has no issues fielding great teams for each trial. My C2P alt, though, is going to have problems fielding teams for, in particular, the Trials of Piety, Justice, Mysticism, and Nature. Fortunately I’ve got some 3* to fill in there. Those gaps are even after a year of playing.


It feels like there are too many classes, both for keeping in straight in your head AND for the number of heroes in the game. I like the idea of classes but in these early days it feels like too many especially as it means trying to max multiple 5* of the same color at the same time.
Only 5 heroes are on the field at once, so 5 classes could be justified, perhaps 7 if the idea is to force a choice…


And the second they get their 5 star hero maxed… they already have all the emblems and instantly catch up (in terms of classes). The fact they need time to get maxed 5 stars is an existing “problem” and has nothing to do with classes being introduced.

As @Kerridoc put it, the only difficulty for new players is being able to complete the quests to make sure they don’t miss out on emblems. I don’t see a way around this that is fair to both new and veteran players - introducing new more difficult content is a good thing for the game. If they really want to prioritize completing these quests, they can. Just like they can (and should) prioritize completing rare quests today even if they can’t use all the ascension items yet.


As you say, they will not be able to complete or even compete at all stages until they are level 30…so I doubt they will have all they need, but they will have some.

And as I said, I dont even k ow if that’s a bad thing. You dont wa t to take away all the efforts others have put in with some easy button