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What’s thorn minions precious?


Was wondering the same @Cruzcampo!

Not to be confused with Thorne minions, that are just smaller versions of the softest hitting five star there is


so this class has been determined from SG? and we can’t choose the class we want for our hero?

The description in beta didn’t give any stats for the minion but it was a fairly typical minion. It did some damage and took a hit or two. Figure on something like Delilah’s minions. They look like baby Groots.


Correct. Every hero is predetermined into a particular class. See


seems complicated for such a small effect…

A 4+20 hero is about the same stats as a 5+0. You want A 5* Wu Kong—done. This is not a small effect.

What they’ve done is to add 6* heroes to the game. That’s what a 5+20 is, for all purposes. They’ve done it in a way that doesn’t render our existing investment obsolete.

BUT, and it’s a big but, it requires further investment in time and/or money to get there. And once the defenses you’re raiding are mostly 5+20, your 4+0 heroes will be mostly ineffective—just as 3* raiding 5* defenses are today.

The times, they are a changing.


@Kerridoc is wrong in a sense. Each time you train them in that skill you get an additional 6% or 5%. Most heros fully leveled have a 25-30% chance of their special skills.

It just that @Kerridoc hasnt had a chance to explain it in detail yet. Look at my fully maxed panther and realize the talent tree has several places where you can train panther in her talent and increase it each time.


What did I say that was wrong or misleading? I’m puzzled.


Ok there ker :joy::joy::joy: the grid only shows a 6% chance of say bleeding or dodge or whatever. So to the inexperienced it seems you do all that training for such a small increase. Where in reality that is for each time you train that skill and that compound on one another. @Kerridoc


Im glad people are excited about it… seems like another way to make more money off people. And to widen the gap between p2w and f2p players…


@Kerridoc and i quote lol

6% chance at 25% increase??? Well if you train it 5 times thats 30% chance.

Make sense?

Or 3% chance to get 25% defense boost? Anyways. Does that make sense how they are reading it. Panther obviously has a 30% overall chance of revive but i had to train her in fighter class 5 or 6 separate times and they all stacked

What I didn’t write was that there are huge stat increases along the way, plus increase in mana and health regeneration.

I did carefully say that there are multiple opportunities to train up the ability, and each training yielded an increase. I couldn’t think of a clearer way to state that.


@Kerridoc you have all the knowledge on this. Bring everyone up to date. List the talent tree and simply point out how each attack up or def up or fighter class up or hp or mana up boosts everything. And for a 5* there are tons of options to boost them through the roof.

Sorry for so many replies. People look at charts most often and thsts the “written in stone” part. So your explanation MIGHT fall to the way side for 30-40-%.

This thread was intended to be complementary to the more general class discussion, which lists the full Talent trees in a linked google sheets I helped work on.


You mean 4+20 wukong now a 5* heroes and 5+20 richard now a 6* heroes?

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I was actually going to ask if the chance increased as you moved down the training grid. Glad that’s all sorted. Thanks guys!

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