Version 18 - Class Talents

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On Defense teams— are the added skills going to be present in the original/current arena aswell as the new one coming or only the new one?

I would keep my eyes peeled to the News section for updates. :slight_smile:


It was done on our line with your pseudo and title analysis madmarv :sweat_smile:

I always add screens so French people can see the original post.

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If Nat or any other hero has a dot on them that cannot be dispelled when you die im guessing your sol cause you will revive and the dot will tick and immediately kill you again. Someone in beta wanna please correct me if im wrong?

IE: Can i take a action after the revive or does the dot take effect first after the revive? @Kerridoc

Class talents are integrated and will always be in effect—titans, raids, wars, etc.

Death doesn’t dispel ailments; a fighter comes back with the same status effects they had when they died. All status effects trigger at the end of a turn, so upon resurrection you’ll have at least one turn before they die again, whether to a DoT or enemy fire (unless a Merlin-afflicted ally kills them).


As far as we know, Classes are the same as troops so you can use them anywhere and anytime.

Rumor has it that Winter Fun event had Boss Rudolph reviving due to his Talent ( hero Rudolph is fighter class ). It will be interesting to see if that was a bug, or intended.

Yep, Rudolph was self-reviving. And all the hero-bosses in the Trials have class talents.

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I manage to beat all the trials (even hard) with regular teams even with much less power.
When healers wasn’t avalaible for me, i used the good old spirit linker (Gunnar-Kailani) and rather then fill my pocket of potions i prefered go all out with timestops and tornadoes.

Sometimes a bit expensive, but complete a 4000+ stage with a 3200 power team is totally possible.


This is amazing. Thank you. Do you mind if I post it to the Empires and Puzzles subreddit with a link pointing back here?

Sure go ahead and post it.

I’ve used gems to continue maybe once or twice in my entire game history, and didn’t pull either Mother North or Alberich, so I’ve not watched them resurrect very closely (Edit: Mostly cursing when they do it to me on a raid!)…BUT…

I kinda thought that status ailments and status bufs went away when a hero died and was resurrected that way. Can some of you lucky folks who have one of those heroes confirm if that behavior matches this description of fighters reviving from beta?

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I have neither, but I can tell your from facing them in raids that heroes revive with the same mana and status effects that they died with.

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i can say for inari. in beta she had 56% chance to dodge (special skill) and if it didn’t t happen she had another chance (up to 20%) to dodge due to rogue talent


65% dodge is not too shabby. I assume she was a real pain to kill?

Geneva has no name. After throwing a year refusing to nerfearla, now kill it by putting it in a class of damage, when it has no harm, meanwhile, other characters equal or more unbalanced as gravemaker, the more unbalanced, I imagine that those “always” will have replacement.

Yes v18.0.1 talent opened :heart_eyes:

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We can get those class coins in quests only? Or there re more ways to get them?

My emblems zero :joy::joy:
if I see this is a very long journey hahahahaha … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think this is when a game goes overboard and starts going downhill you put these telling grids to keep the people that have been playing this game forever and have everything leveled up to keep them busy but what about the people trying to catch up all you had to do is add a season 3 in the game was fine now a lot of people are going to quit because of this I’ve seen a lot of games do this and I seen a lot of games aren’t out there no more good luck no room for me to catch up

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