Version 18.0.0 Issues and Bugs


Is it just me, or did we wander into Groundhog Day?


@Garanwyn It gets particularly Grounhog Day-esque when my replies on other threads get merged into the main ones. :laughing:


When I click to Lianna’s character this message shows up:


How often has this happened so far?


Last two weeks. Everything works but when I would train her this message shows up. :frowning:


Sounds super annoying. Did you submit an in-game support ticket yet?


Not yet. What is it?



Yes I got! :slight_smile:


Should I write there?


Yup. Go there and create a ticket. That way, the game support staff will be able to try to help you. The forum is monitored by SG staff, but it’s mostly us players who actually respond. It might take a while before SG even sees what you wrote here.


Ok. Thanx! :slight_smile:


Sure thing :slight_smile: Good luck with getting that fixed!


Visual bug with Mother North skill ressurecting a hero killed with Gravedigger skill on him. The “Burning” icon stays there until the end of the raid, not causing damage, but very confusing.


Happens every time. It is an annoying visual bug; the game doesn’t DO anything different than before.

Domitia has been 8/8; I get this highlighted in green as exciting news every time I feed her. Namahage didn’t have a special increase, and the text is white as it used to be.


Also, when you shoot down all ducks, they won’t stop quaking. Sometimes it’s annoying.


The sound from a building under construction on the base screen never stops, no matter where I scroll to on the map. SUPER annoying


@Kerridoc @Rook. I think this is covered in the v18 bugs and issue thread already. Merge time? :smile:

EDIT: almost forgot - @Dingleberry this has been reported in another thread. I’ve requested that’s your thread be merged with that one so you can keep up with any responses.


Misandra’s special is quite laggy too…



This update makes me unable to open the game using cellular data, but if I use wifi it can open the game, is this a bug?

Update 18.0.0 & 18.0.1 thoughts and/or issues