Version 18.0.0 Issues and Bugs


You’re welcome!
I just did a raid to check, it was my furst arter the update… Things look normal…

There is a number of tiles you need to hit to get the mana up. If I’m not mistaken:

10 tiles : average heroes
8 tiles: fast heroes
12 tiles: slow heroes

If you’re able to count them… (I always forget to count)

Oh, and it’s faster when you are ghosting, but i don’t know the numbers…


try a reboot. that usually solves things :wink:


Yeah. That sawing noise the builders make sure seems to have got louder, or more persistent, or something. Never seems to go away now. It is quite irritating.


Thank you for that Du Reorder suggestion I downloaded it and figured out how to use it so if I need it or want to have some fun and admire my battling :joy: well I don’t think there’s much to admire. But thanks again and have a super weekend looks like war tomorrow


Have a super weekend you too!
Let’s hope for some fun war! :slight_smile:


When a hero with maxed special 8/8 is feeded with other heroes, the message “maxed special…” is always highlighted in green.




See also:


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when feeding heroes into your heroes to level them the sound of the hero going into other hero is muted on one side which is now only registering every other hero with sound


Mine to. Very annoying


Finally i got the update but now I wanted to revenge some raids and all 8 opponents play on another add version? One was online 8 minutes ago! I was forced to do the update why not them???


I have to confirm a lot of bugs in the game… From the sound of construction on either side of the citadel … No classes medals in the chests while I have friends on the alliance who already have them… And the worst of all I have heroes in the maximum level of power that compared to the heroes in the summons portal are not in the correct values when reaches the power level 8 ​​… All this mainly since I updated the game yesterday morning …


Constructionsound is a real bug.

Class tokens could drop for a short Time, but it is deactivated for all at the moment.

The DOT Part of the Specials scales with the attack stat of the Hero, so nö Bug here, your heroes are just not Max lvl.


I am on wifi so thats not a game issue but a device issue.


The second issue you raised is not a bug. Your heroes reached maximum special level, but they are far from maximum hero level. Keep levelling the heroes, and the damage over time will increase to what you see on the cards from the summoning portal.


Heroes whose special is already maxed is showing in green that special has been maxed after every feeding. Like you just maxed it again. And again. And again. Not a huge issue. Just curious to see if others have same issue as others in the alliance.


For example, Evelyn’s special was maxed before going to the 3rd ascension. She is now 4.71. After the new update last night, every feeding says in green special is maxed like it’s her first trip to 8 of 8.


It looks as if the hero just reached maxed special on every level increase.

Annoying, please include in the next bugfix release if possible.


There’s a master thread on this one.

@Kerridoc @Rook @Petri if you’re still merging v18 bugs together, I think this one belongs here: