Version 18.0.0 Issues and Bugs


Thanks a lot for quickly responding to the current issue, @mhalttu! :slight_smile:

Edit: @mhalttu will you also remove already earned tokens so that we all start from 0 once the update is out for everyone?

Update 18.0.0 & 18.0.1 thoughts and/or issues

Unfortunately we probably won’t do that. It is actually quite difficult to do. Luckily we’re only talking about less than one day worth of advantage.

Update 18.0.0 & 18.0.1 thoughts and/or issues
It does not give me update I still have snow

Yeah, I understand. I believe the bigger issue anyway was the ability itself to collect tokens already - which you responded to quickly and fixed it. Thanks again and good luck with the bug fixing! :slight_smile:



Just feedback … seems the warm boot helped.

Please can you in future make this a mandatory step after update.


Why less than one day @mhalttu? Issue not solved yet…


Why is it that every time there’s an update, the chat resets every few minutes (for at least two days) to only show titan/AW stats and admin statuses? It’s getting a bit ridiculous now.


The highlighted green text on a hero that has already reached 8/8 may be an intended feature and therefore not a bug, but it is nevertheless very irritating since the green is normally used to highlight changes and nothing has actually changed. Please consider undoing this.


Hiya, Early days as just done reboot after updating. But the carpenter noise from the builder once started doesn’t stop no matter where you move to or go onto another screen and back.

A teeny bit annoying. Unless it was intentional in which case I “saw” what you did there lol

When opening game

Sorry, I seem to have missed something. Hero classes are not released? @Kerridoc


They’re in the update but as I understand it classes won’t be switched on til everybody has updated. That is, when the game makes you update it before it lets you in.


It seems that the winter has ended and the castle courtyard is now on full summer mode. =-O


Ham bones probably make really good fertiliser :smile:


Well, it is mandatory to update now, and still no classes


Maybe a new bug I didn’t see anyone mention it , my building completion noise plays continuously, that saw-saw racket.

It’s driving me insane!!!


I just did the update on my iOS and went into some raiding. It seems to me that all of my heroes including very fast ones mana regeneration is taking at least twice as long to fully charge after update. Any other people noticing this? And one more question how do you make a video of gameplay because i believe the reply I will get is to send a video. And last but not least my history shows very few if any complaints so I’m sure all the bugs will get worked out :grinning:


There is an app called Du recorder! Lots of people use it in the community.


I’ve gotten the latest update but not seeing any mana up issues during raids.

Been using Mobizen app to record raids for a good while, but on Android. Not 100% that it is available on IOS.


Thank you I will look in the App Store appreciate your quick response😎


Good to hear havok, I will watch it for a while longer it’s probably My imagination because I got smoked four times in a row LOL


I totally understand bad run on raids, as I had the same yesterday. Going much better today post-update! :grin: