Version 18.0.0 Issues and Bugs

Hi I think the one issue we picked up in beta slipped through. Upgrading a hero that is already on 8/8 will have green text stating that max level has been reached … again.


Yes got the same. 20 blabla

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I got a new phone, so I am moving from iPhone to android. After installing the game on android and playing through tutorial I go into menu>options>link to ios device.

But when I enter the code I got from my iPhone and press ‘link’ I get a message saying “update available. Good news, there is a new version available in the store.”

One button “update”, which when pressed sends me to the android appstore.

Please advice.

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So my Athena is 3-24 and every time I level her, it shows that the skill lvl made a lvl up

Did you reach skill8? Max skill? After that does it still skill up? Can you provide images?

i believe that since we pointed that over and over it might be intentional

Yup, it is max skill, it always levels up to 8

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This is the same bug reported at the top of the thread. Purely visual but annoying.

Same here.

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@mhalttu @Petri

Guys there seems to be a huge bug.

When you attack it is very slow. The attack takes ages to set off and there is a definate delay between your attack and the Titans. I tested this with both accounts and its the same.

It is as if everything is at least 100% slower than before the update.

Please urgently look into this?

Much appreciated


Please submit a support request, so we can investigate this. If possible, attach a video. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks submitted … :wink:

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Im just checking one more thing … and that is completely warm booting … seems good now on my alt account. Just waiting an hour for a flag to check my main.

Might just be a requirement to completely reboot your device.

I will feedback soon

Regarding this problem, the “Max Special Skill reached” means the special skill has reached (it can be earlier or just now).


As stated above by @Kerridoc it is just visual. Doesnt affect anyone, was just not as it was before.

Some players are already collecting tokens

Majority of the player base has to wait on SG to finish rolling out the update, and apparently some of that majority isn’t happy about it

Personally i dont really care, but that is the reaction I’m getting to the news of SG pausing the update rollout, may see some threads pop up soon


We’ll remove the tokens until Hero Classes have been released.

12 Likes friends have already updated the game.but i can not…in the google market there is no update on my android.please tell me what could be the problem? Thank you very much)