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@Petri Does this mean there will be more than two Season 2 Legendary Heroes in the portal next Thursday?

I took it to mean that Tarlak, Misandra, and Mok-Arr will be available in future Atlantis Summons. This would be in addition to more ‘Featured’ heroes. However, I do not know what the adjusted odds would be.

I might get Mok-Arr!!!??!!! YESSSSSS

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My assumption is the overall odds of getting a Legendary Hero would be the dame. So if there is more than the two, the odds of getting any one specific hero would decrease with the addition of all previously released heroes. That, then, will only compound as new heroes are released.

Hope that isnt the case, which is why I am seeking clarity.


I’d take Bosswolf over Mok-Arr any day.


This is traditionally how it has been done.

True, but not thus far with Season 2.

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In other words would Misandra, Tarlak and Mok-Arr be added to the pool of Legendary heroes that one could draw with a 1.5% chance? The new S2 heroes and returning HotM would be part of the 1.0% chance?

A clarification one way or the other would be appreciated though.

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Hello there. I am sorry to post here but it’s not my fault if all the chats about release of version 15 (and 16) are closed… and i searched but i didn’t find my answer anywhere else.

I want to know if there is a way to know how change the Max power of “special” heroes. Example: I’ve got Gravemaker and Morgan le Fay but they aren’t maxed, what are their maximum power now? (The heroes of special quest and HoTM before the release of version 15) Thanks a lot if you can help me.

The 7DD website is a great source for hero stats and information, including those that aren’t available anymore:

Hero stats should all be the same as they were before the updates. I’m not sure if the hero power numbers are up to date, but fortunately that number means very little anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

I already checked the 7dd site, I’m a fan, especially of Anchor’s ranking (almost complete and so clear) and his youtube channel, but it’s still the “old” cards that are published for those heroes… I know, I am a “maniac” so I like to have a “goal” when I max heroes :wink: thx for your answer

This is their current form at max level, if that’s what you’re asking. If not, then sorry to have misunderstood. There’s no way for a player to change stats though.

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Yes this is it, the previous Morgan was 777. Where did you find them, please? Or it’s your heroes?
I miss cpt Kestrel, Lancelot, Perseus, drake fong, Gretel, g. Owl/ g. Panther and Khiona but if your infos came from a site, I will check them… thank you again <3

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