Version 17 Release Notes - Please explain

Who can explain? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Added previously featured Legendary Season 2 heroes to the Atlantis Summon pool.

The 4 from last atlantis - Athena, MokhAr and other 2 ?

  • Added enemy element icon in the enemy info tooltip.


  • Fixed counterattack damage when the defender has minions.

What was wrong? how is it now?

Thank you

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1: I would presume it is the S2 heroes, not old HOTM. So mokarr tarlak and Missandra. So they are now always in atlantis summon. But probably not featured.
Edit: guess we’ll see in few days once the atlantis summon returns.


3: Don’t know how it was, but I hope it works as intended now.

I saw a sorting method named class in the hero roster,but I couldn’t really understand what does it mean :confused: If someone got it I would be glad to know :smile: Screenshot_20181116-210736

??? :grimacing:

20 monkeys

sorry was just replying to Lyberocis…

your post got caught. :slight_smile:

20 apologies


Yes, but it doesn’t answer his question…

but this could:

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yup. was targeting the topic

offtopic. do you know where i can find the 11 12 13 * titan data/topic? ty

Do you mean this?

I haven’t been able to find anything with higher titans.

will do. ty :slight_smile:

20 thanks

Sorting by Class is a beta feature that probably shouldn’t have gone live.



Petri has already been alerted to this on another thread…


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