Version 16 Release Notes - Thoughts?

Got it.

I’m just nodding and smiling when you say Beta notes because - me no understand! :smile:

Rest up and get well soon under that comfy couch kitty cat.

Okay, I have read Version 16. :wink:

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If there are 2 leftover points, those points will go to the next chest and all players who participated in the last battle will get those 2 points. I hope this helps to clarify!


War Chest adjustments and fixes:

Alliances now receive 3 points from draws.
Surplus points now carry over to the next War Chest.
Participation is now counted as a percentage

Is this done based on used flags or participation yes/no?

Lets assume you win 5 wars in a row.
Is percentage determined based on how many of the 30 flags you used in these 5 wars or based on if you made a hit or not in these 5 wars?

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Ok, so the participation in the last win is somewhat split between the filled chest and the new one if I got it right

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The latter—even one hit counts as participation.


It shows that you get recruits for individual raids. Not sure about chests, but I doubt it.

After doing a few rerolls to see how many recruits are available, it looks to be between 2-4. I’m currently in platinum though, not sure if there’s in increase/decrease in diamond and gold. Can anyone confirm?

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Bought a new team and renamed it : future team
.I like this fonctionality. I renamed all of my teams x)


My only open question about the recruits from raids is whether those are recruits generated by the system (basically a bonus incentive) or are they my opponent’s recruits and his recruit count will go down, just like his/her ham and iron tower storage goes down?


While minimal, this is one of the best updates I’ve seen. Many of these are small changes, but very functional. And the recruits from raiding is a great bonus. Good work devs.


Based on my own rerolls the amount you can win seems to be proportioned to possible trophies as well. Bigger trophy reward corresponds with more recruits. I’ve seen 4-6 in Diamond, but have a small sample size still.

  • You can now see the remaining War Energy of the whole alliance.

This took an obscenely long time to implement.

  • Fixed the orientation of the clef in Gill-Ra’s special animation when Gill-Ra is an enemy.

Every musician that saw this cringed. Is it so hard to actually look up proper music symbols?

I actually had assumed until this release that it was intended to be a symbolic representation of discordant music, and that Gill-Ra was like a mermaid siren who had mutated into the dark and distorted form she’s depicted as — and her siren song had distorted with her to be damaging rather than compelling.

Kinda disappointing that it was just a mistake. :laughing:


Ok, question for everybody…Under shop; resources; the “Team Slot increase” I clicked on the question mark and read the description and bought 5 extra slots…My question: How do I use them now…I went over to 17-1 and there was nowhere to add addtional players to my lineup…What am I do wrong??? Any help would be appreciated !!!

What you bought were extra team slots, as in Team 6, Team 7, Team 8, Team 9, and Team 10, not extra places to put heroes into a team. That description is a bit misleading.


It is… maybe “Slot for Additional Teams”. It’s long, but takes away the ambiguity

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Omg thats heavy, when somebody understand it not quite right.
Sorry bro

Paulon, I do apprecite the reply…Well that was a waste wasn’t it LOL

I requested they change the wording as soon as I made the same mistake. I wasn’t about to not buy a team size increase as that’d put me at a crazy disadvantage. :wink:

I love these changes, especially the Raiding one: more ways to get recruits means to have the chance to do S2 map while also keeping my training camp actives with trainings other than extra economic :slight_smile: