Version 16 Release Notes - Thoughts?

Feel free to give me a little smack if I’ve got this wrong @Rook @Coppersky @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard (or whatever you’re calling yourself this week :thinking: ) but because there doesn’t appear to be a function to reply to this post, I started this thread for players to comment on the update.

I don’t have much to say, but it looks like SG have responded quickly to some concerns raised in the forum in the past 24 hours (draws in AW, carryover of ‘pity’ points). Good on em I say.

Cue the “Yeah, but…” choir


Feel free to give me a little smack anyway…

I am very happy with the possibility to buy more team slots and rename them! That is simply fantastic.


Yep, another response to something raised here in the forum

Some wise corrections here.
It seems that all war concerned stuff are execute right on the spot and taked very seriously.

Would love this same effort for all the rest.


I like the countdown… a small, but helpful change

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/HarryDeB slap FishDreams around with a large trout a bit!
There you asked for it :slight_smile:

Happy to see that requests are implemented this fast!


Is that a :copyright: Wilbur Fish Slap? Yes sir, may I please have more?

I wonder if recruits are stolen or come out of nowhere? So everybody would simply keep houses empty🧐

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I have no idea what you mean… but I like you… a lot!

Thought recruits can be stolen while raiding

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I am very excited that we get recruits from raid chests. Anything that feeds the TC20s

Ah it’s from chest? I thought you might get some on every single raid

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I’m not sure. You’re right. It isn’t clear if it’s general raiding or filling the chest. I want both! Gimme, gimme, gimme

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@Petri Just a concern about carry over of surplus points in AW: I see a possible problem with assigning participation to defeats. Let’s say that my alliance has won 3 matches and lost 7 (22 points). Finally we win the 4th match and open the chest with 2 carry over points. Is the participation to those 2 defeats carried over too to the next chest? How is the participation split between the opened chest and the new one if some members took part only in some of those defeats?


@alcaselzer as always you are the best trouble shooter I’ve come across on the Forum so far. This is such a great question and the type of issue that is easily overlooked when developing. Thanks for spotting this potential problem so early

I am very happy with this Update. Its very Good to see, that sg implements Things so fast, which the Community want.


There were two tally sheets with the old war chest system: the alliance chest and the player chest. Each tallied separately.

You can see that the alliance has 4 victories and 1 defeat (21 points), and I have 2 victories and 0 defeats (10 points) at the time of this picture.


Ooooooo… fine print! I like it. I’ll put my hand up to say that I never read that b4. But u already know that I have a history of reacting first and reading second. Thanks @Rook !

So, it’s a fair assumption that this will carry over to the new update?

BTW - I’ll get better at the ready-reacty thing. Pinky promise

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