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Looking at the hotm’s in the past , there must be a change in odds before publishing…sad, sad, sad. I think right before season 2 started.
SG needs a little more Money.


The community has numbers that are very close to the rates published. Those were collected for a long time with many contributors. Why would you make an assumption that things changed when they match what the data shows?


But why did i see this as a fairly popular request before the shields were implemented if the playerbase is so against them now?

SG can’t seem to win for losing these days. Frankly I’m really excited about the loot ticket increase, though everyone else seems to be meh about it.


More loot tickeks - meh… I think people are disappointed that SG added only 2 loot tickets to VIP and nothing else.

I have 3 buildings left to build (tc11, tc15 and forge 15). When I finish with buildings then VIP drastically will loose its value to me. Same to many other players.

They could add some Atlantis coins, backpacks or whatever and not just 2 extra loot tickets. I really have to think to extend VIP or not.


Could you please point me to any such request? I read the boards pretty thoroughly and only recall an idea like this floated I few days before it was released.


We already know more buildings are coming


0 votes :confused:


You are right, they have plans for new buildings. But they are not coming out soon…


Just adding my voice to the chorus of general approval.

Well done SG, credit where credit is due.

I appreciate the odds being published and the new war chest.

@Petri, thank you and please pass on my thanks to the programme team.

I would also add to the requests for war losses to count. Something like 15 points to open the chest, 1 point for a loss and 3 for a win.

@Duaneski - glad to see you being able to celebrate an update and the improvement in transparency.


I read them over a month ago before life got crazy. It was mostly in the raid complaint threads, i believe, or threads that suggested raid improvements. I don’t believe there was a thread about the shields but about raids in general where some sort of way to protect the trophies/resources while one was on vacation was requested. I’m afraid I’m a little too busy to hunt down the threads. It’s possible i misunderstood them.



I find strange that everybody talks about shields, which will affect a minority of players, and nobody talks about war chests changing the social aspect of this game.

No more mercenaries, no more friendly alliances to help you with higher titans, no more “academies” to switch players from/to higher level teams.

Assuming war chests give anything valuable, of course, otherwise players will simply ignore war chests.

Am I the only one worried about this?


Now we can see what is the real power of each alliance (do not worry for sure that there will still be players who sacrifice their war chests)


No, this concern is real and, you articulate it well in this thread:


Thanks, kerridoc. I got no reply in that thread so I thought I was alone.

I guess many players still don’t get the implications of this change. In global chat I spoke with a lot of people conviced that it will work the same way the titan chest works today.

Let’s see if this is a change for the worse or the better.


" - For every 5 wins in Alliance Wars all Alliance members get to open the War Chest."

I think it will be much harder to open a War Chest as to open a Titan Chest. Maybe it would be better to reduce it to 3 wins.


Good idea. Titan chests get filled every 5-6 days, maybe 7. With 5 wins needed for war chests, that’s at best 2.5 weeks, and that’s winning every war. With good matching the typical time to fill would be 5 weeks. Yikes! That’s way too long to act as a motivator for participation.


And I guess with bad matching the typical time is 3-7 weeks.


This all will rather depend on the so called awesome loot. For myself, nothing short of something equal or superior the old elemental chests would make me consider the limitations this war chest imposes


My alliance rarely wins and we never ask for mercenaries, so the chests are just another twist of the knife to me. Honestly I don’t benefit from most of these updates except the loot tickets.